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Soul Captor, catch them all

The closed beta has just gone to one of the next big MMORPG summer, where you will be able to collect souls!

The new economic model is definitely growing and free massively multiplayer games are multiplying like hotcakes in the hands of the savior. This time, the studio Gamania who will stick through its distribution platform Beanfun!, And not surprisingly it is in a fantasy world that we will go for a walk. Let's not grumpy, designers assure us that the content will be revolutionary. Let's take a look.
The World of Soul Captor is old, inhabited by magic and guarded by the gods. The most powerful of them once created the Men and the mortal realm in his image, but he could not prevent the birth of the dark kingdom, a squeaky imitation populous Asuras (monsters). The harmony, however, ends up settling and the God of Creation went away, satisfied with the successful conclusion; weary, his departure allowed the Asuras to break the peace and invade the mortal realm. Your mission as a divine Oracle, is to put them down a beating to restore the balance - and that you are a warrior, a priest, a shaman or a onmyoji (a kind of assassin singer).

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