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War of the Immortals 2012

War of the Immortals is a MMORPG free-to-Play. The app runs in the universe of Motenia, a world of inspiration where Nordic Loki, the god of evil, threatening to take power with its hordes of demons. An ideal context to test the orientation very hack and slash title, focused on pure action with a touch of RPG.
Introduced in 2010 as an extension of Battle of the Immortals, War of the Immortals finally became a game in itself. Published by Perfect Wold, this free MMORPG attempts to bounce on the success of its predecessor to conquer new players. But with what level of ambition on the bottom? Plunge back into the world of Motenia and discover what it holds.
War of the Immortal is a prequel to his big brother Battle of the Immortals. The universe of these two MMORPGs, hack'n'slash oriented, is actually based in Norse mythology. The events in War of the Immortals take place before Ragnarok, the final battle between the evil Loki, Odin, while previous installment takes place 500 years after this battle.

So you find yourself in the world of Motenia, in which the greatest heroes will toughen to prepare for the final confrontation. You incarnate one of them, and Start the reincarnated in Valhalla by an initiation rite. Then begin many hours of introductory quest in the game you will receive various missions NPCs that you gradually become familiar gameplay.
The gameplay is also cut and paste of his older brother, Battle of the Immortals, which itself has many similarities to other MMORPGs. The regulars of the genre quickly gather their brands. Beginners in turn need only follow the instructions of the first quests that serve as tutorials. NPCs then take the players by the hand to level 50!

Fortunately for hardcore gamers, the progression appears rapid and some corpses of monsters will be sufficient to pass a level. Finally, we easily reach the level required to have a little more freedom. From there, new skills become available, including the ability to make your own objects and it becomes possible to switch to players against players.

But to return from the beginning. Choose from eight available classes (mage, warrior, assassin, etc..), Each with its strengths and weaknesses. Unlike many other MMORPGs, you can not choose your race, since there exists only one (humans). This greatly restricts the customization of your avatar.
Moreover, this customization is as thin as on the physical aspect of choosing your character's skills. You can indeed choose to have your haircut and your face, according to predefined models. In addition, you will learn as and all the powers of your class during your adventure, as there is no talent tree and the number of skills remains limited. In short, nothing will differentiate your killer of another, except that the equipment you wear.
War of the Immortals nevertheless adds a twist through which you can ride horses and pets that come to assist you. These creatures must be captured during your trials and tribulations in the world of Motenia. Necessary, these travel companions you make a valuable aid to cover the most pugnacious monsters.

The game is finally similar to many other vendors and does not bring anything new compared to its predecessor. Many fans of Battle of the Immortals were expecting a sequel worthy of the first part and succeeded in bringing many improvements. It is not the case. War of the Immortals gives the feeling of a huge mess ... Why have spent so much time to make a pale imitation, so that with just a few improvements, the first part would have won the title of a very good game?

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