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Minecraft incredible story by Makus Persson

"Minecraft" belongs to the category of games called "sandbox". Initially only accessible from the Internet, the software has grown rapidly over a large number of substrates.

Not aiming that limit his imagination, the gamer explores vast environments, randomly generated, to exploit the resources needed to build the world of his dreams. It must nevertheless contend with hostile creatures and zombies that emerge at night.
Minecraft is the incredible story of a game, unique, created by a single person, Makus Persson, kind of small computer engineering which was not heard the last.
Welcome to the crazy world of fun and Minecraft, a game called "sandbox" but also a phenomenon that should appeal to everyone!
Almost everything in this game is extraordinary. First appearance graph is a glaring example.
If your eyes are not accustomed to this type of textures, we have to get used to it because it is totally voluntary. It's called the "Pixel Art"!
This is not exceeded as one might think at first glance, but simply cubic and deliberate choice offers the player a real fluidity and therefore maximum readability.
This is nothing less than a new visual experience is available to you. Most skeptics will be surprised to see that we get used to it very quickly.
The soundtrack is also a high level. The compositions of electro C418 gives a good dream to the world of Minecraft.
As for sound effects, though it is regrettable that there have not a bit more, they work perfectly and efficiently complete the surround sound and rhythm of this title.
A map with a size of up to eight times the surface of our planet ... plunge headlong into the world of Minecraft cubic and addictive!
Your main objective: to survive in an unfamiliar world where your adventure will first companions during the day cows, chickens, pigs, sheep or other ... But as soon as night falls, they are animals much more hostile will keep you company ie spiders, skeletons, zombies and other scary monsters ...

To not pass the bucket too quickly, you will quickly adapt to your new environment and take advantage of the resources at your disposal.
As an example, pigs can serve as excellent small chops it will cook with wood from trees and rocks nearby will also allow you to extract minerals very useful for following the experience. Nothing flows, everything changes and this adage is you obsess constantly to build your workshop and develop a craft essentials by making torches, ladders, doors, gates or other windows ... that will protect the world from this ill this game
Another example: you will operate the leather of cows will allow you to dress a little more decent and above all to benefit from increasing your armor strength. You will be more creative and more likely you are to survive and advance in the game will be your daily nightmare "Creepers" which explode when they touch you. To avoid suffering heavy damage from the explosions, you will quickly find a solution to keep them from harm.

After a few hours to master this game and be sufficiently well armed and equipped, the world awaits you and you're off to explore! The special also this UFO video game and each creates its own history, making it the same one, and it becomes fascinating to compare it with that of other players worldwide.

The grip of this game requires an incredible time to adapt to good use the tool of "craft" that you can make any type of object and assemble the cubes to build your buildings.
In short, here is an extremely clever gameplay that marks a new era in video games ... Simply stunning!
Once will not hurt, it's you who set your goals and play the contents of your story.
Minecraft and knows no end and that's good for the interest of this game that has the same lifetime close to infinity.
And if after a while you start getting bored with the single player mode, do not worry! Minecraft has a very rich multiplayer mode.
Finally if you want to continue playing in the office or on vacation, it is quite possible since the application does not weigh more than 250 kb ... All limits fall.
The multiplayer mode is also very rich and a must for lovers of new Minecraft.
Moding side you will discover a multitude of changes are not without interest as texture packs, the mappers or even full conversion ... A classic version is already available free on the internet to try out these new possibilities of play
Thereafter, you can buy the beta version that promises you many hours of total entertainment, cooperating with other players to build true architectural wonders, as a city with its typical neighborhoods, its air routes or the subway ... A really good idea!

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