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Unbiased comparison between PS3 and XBox 360

I post here because I can not find an objective comparison between the PS3 and XBox 360, Sony fans will cheer on the PS3 while fans will cheer for the Microsoft XBox short, a true war of bias! So as one is never better served than by yourself, I'll take care!
Technical PS3:
Cell processor (composed of a PowerPC core with 512 KB cache, and seven co-processors each with 256KB of memory), developed by IBM, Toshiba and Sony, clocked at 3.2 Ghz.
Nvidia to 550 Mhz
A memory of 512MB (256MB XDR main memory at 3.2 GHz / 256 MB of GDDR3 video memory to 700 Mhz).
Accept media type: Blu-ray (54 GB maximum) / DVD / CD
NIC: Yes
Internet connection: Yes (free)
I / O: 2 USB 2.0, Ethernet port, optical sound, basic AV RCA, HDMI.
Interchangeable hard drive (2.5 inch) (up to 1TB for Slim)
Wi-Fi/Bluetooth 2.0
. CD-R
. SACD Hybrid
. Dual Disc (Audio Side / Side DVD)
. DVD-Video (DVD-ROM / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD + R
. Blu-Ray.
. MP3 CD
. JPEG Photo CD
Text Video Games Magazine "... What to remember that the PS3 with its Cell processor with 8 cores (7 of which are actually used), has an extraordinary power. Only limitation: the difficulty of programming on this machine peak, which reserves to the graphical prowess only games developed internally ... "Such as GT5, Little Big Planet, God of War 3 ...
The notice of Games Magazine:
. For power: "The PS3 is the most powerful console on the market, not just in theory as demonstrated by a title like Uncharted 2. But how many studios are they able to control it? 5/5 "
. For the catalog: "There is heavy in the catalog of the PS3! Less choice than in its direct rival, but quality and variety are waiting for you. After, it's only a matter of taste ... 4/5 "(The XBox 360 was released two years earlier).
. Accessibility: "the PS3 menus are very detailed, like a high tech console. This is the machine that bears his status as the best Formula 1 video game. 4/5 "
. For online: "With content flirting with that of the XBox 360, and especially its free services, the PS3 is needed - barely - as the best in the online experience. 5/5 "
. For accessories: "The direction of Sony earned him offer players a wide range of quality accessories from the handle being at the heart of this" catalog "of dream. 5/5 "
. For space and aesthetics: "If aesthetics, size and weight of the old PS3 were not unanimous, Sony made some adjustments coming out this pretty slim and compact. 5/5 "
. For the media: "TV, high definition, interaction with the PSP and VOD approach: the PS3 is more than ever over the console's multimedia market. 5/5 "
. For reliability: "Neither fragile nor unbreakable, the PS3 has a reliability of all that is reasonable. But the SAV fishing a little by his timeouts. 4/5 "
Technical Xbox 360:
Triple heart processor IBM Power PC 3.2 GHz with 1 MB L2 cache
500 MHz ATI graphics processor with 10MB of embedded DRAM
3 USB 2.0 ports, an Ethernet port, WiFi 802.11a/b/g Compatibility
Accepted media type: DVD / CD
NIC: Yes
Internet connection: Yes
. DVD-Rom
. DVD + R / RW
. CD-Rom
. CD-R
. MP3 CD
. JPEG Photo CD
Games Magazine text: "Unlike the PS3, which creates surprise that when properly used, the Xbox 360 console is a" high definition ", whose technical capabilities are adapting more to the needs of developers . "
The notice of Video Games Magazine "Less balèze the PS3, the Xbox makes up for a lot of points, including the sharpness of the textures, the graphics chip or the animation. Its average is more satisfying. 5/5 "
. For the catalog: "Between the Xbox 360 and PS3, the dilemma is agonizing. Finally, we see that the Xbox 360 is open to all kinds of nice way. In addition, it offers a huge on XBLA. 5/5 "
. Accessibility: "The Xbox 360 is a machine very sharp, but because of it, Microsoft wants to reach the widest possible audience, hence its menu has both technical and colorful. 4/5 "
. For the online "VOD for movies and games, multiplayer dynamic, and products galore: the console from Microsoft provides really good at the online ... but requires compensation. (60 € per year) 4/5 "
. For accessories: "In the market for basic accessories, Sony and Microsoft are almost equal. The controller of the Xbox 360 is still a little too "massive", and the cross is poor. 4/5 "
. For space and aesthetics: "Difficult to advise the Xbox 360, henceforth soon as one approaches the problems of noise and congestion. A big mama not very aesthetic. All! 2/5 "
. For multimedia, "Without equal the quality of the PS3, Xbox 360 provides, multimedia issue, thanks to its rich catalog in movies. 4/5 "
. For reliability: "Despite a rather efficient customer service and a decrease in Ring of Death, Microsoft's console concerned, with a crash rate of 23.7% (source: SquareTrade 2009). 3/5 "
The PS3 is unquestionably the most powerful console on the market, however, the Xbox 360 has a much larger number of games.
Most of the Xbox 360 price, more games, a large diversified catalog on Xbox Live.
The - the Xbox 360: the race for which payment is getting ridiculous (have to shell out money for every little thing), the build quality leaves to be desired, crack sealing and frequent dry noise.
Most of the PS3: a catalog for the whole family (films or games), build quality and advanced technology, its free services.
The - the PS3: fewer games than the Xbox 360, its aesthetic "class" but that affects few young audiences.
In short, if you want to play from time to time in HD, no need to pay 300 euro for the PS3, Xbox 360 you have to do, but if you want a console full and varied, with a beautiful aesthetics, the PS3 becomes you delight.

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