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God of War 3 PS3 - Solution Complete

This new album God of War is a direct continuation of the second episode released on PS2. Kratos, the god of war fallen, continues his revenge in Olympus. After finishing the game you will unlock Chaos mode (very difficult) and the challenges, often timed, which, after being completed, will unlock battle arenas.
For those who already do the other two episodes, you can retrain with the controls, for others, he'll have to get. For faster results, use the new capacity of Kratos, the shield zombie. Enter an unkind and press while running to use it as a shield. By using this movement, you can kill large groups fast enough! Defeat the horde to trigger a skit. After that Gaia has cleared the path, press and quickly press to lift the tree trunk. Eliminate all enemies and go up the hill to meet half a boss!

This hybrid giant, half horse, half crab, may seem hard but, rest assured, there will be worse. To defeat the enemy quickly, use double jumps and attacks in the air. Dodge the blows because of the water while trying to crush you with his legs to the left or right. Keep beating the horse until Kratos hangs on the arm of Gaia. Move to the horse and keep going at him while avoiding scratches. When the perspective changes again, climb the wall and continue to damage the horse. As you continually touch the horse will die out and the button will appear above his head. Use the buttons to start the QTE first special attack.
Fly to the right side to the top of the platform. Open the chest for a few objects. Now climb on the ledge to cross the other side. As Gaia takes damage, continue to advance to the next sector. Slaughtered bad guys waiting for you by using the shield zombie to clear the area. Take the ladder near the top of the cliff or more enemies await you. Use the shield zombie yet. Green open the chest if you need it and then jump on the nearby ledge and jump across. Kill the enemies with leboucler zombie and then take the ladder. Climb up and then jump left to grab the ledge. Uphill for the next level to trigger a skit with Gaia.
Unfortunately, you can not help Gaia at this level, so keep to the path, use your wings and fly to the next ledge. Open the giant door to enter the tomb of Ares. A new enemy arrives: a centaur guard! To avoid being severely affected, use defensive tactics. Block his shots and hit for the damage quickly. After a series of attacks, the button will hover above his head, press the 4 button QTE to kill him. Eliminate nasty Zombie with shield remaining. Activate the lever to move the platform. Climb the ladder and access platform. When she moves to the other side, double-jump to find the first backup! Go up the hall and open the metal door. The Leviathan is still waiting for you, one of its claws will come to break up, rapidly tap the button to the beat.

For this battle, use lots of attacks while dodging its claws. After a lot of damage, the button will activate the QTE and quickly press the button to destroy the brand. It will fall to the ground on the side of the screen but do not touch it! Continue to damage the horse while dodging its fountains and scratches. Use a mixture of air attacks to damage him faster! After causing more damage, activate the QTE and rapidly tap the + to open his chest. Take the large claw down onto his chest to finish a part of the battle.
Avoid giant claws coming from the left and right sides. Break all the claws to trigger the next QTE. Hang your hand of Gaia to deal with Poseidon. Dodge his trident. Attack with combos while dodging his attacks. After a lot of damage are inflicted to him, Poseidon will KO, go up over his head (use the nearby cliff) and activate the QTE. Rapidly tap the button to trigger the second attack. Damage the claws until they are all broken. Attack 3 times, then activate the QTE to defeat Poseidon. Complete QTE then press L3 + R3 to finish the battle.

Save your progress. Jump on Gaia's hand to trigger the next skit.
Tomb of Hades

After your encounter with the ghost of Athena that will give you the blades of the Exile, use the attack to the next level and kill the enemies. Use the new movement called the attack to gain traction. Traction of attack is a large circular motion to kill more enemies. Press the + button to attack more easily from a shoulder attack.

In this level, there is a chest containing a Gorgon eye below: ivy ago right next to where you came. Scroll down and you will find the chest containing the Gorgon eye first! Get rid of bad guys and save. There are two places to explore: the area on the left contains a series of boxes. Continue to the right side to meet a series of enemies.

OBJECTIVE: Invoke the Spartan army to clean the area

In this level, Kratos will have infinite magic temporarily, use it to kill all the enemies that appear (). From there, jump on the great chain and move to the other side. Kill all the enemies on the chain and get on the platform. Collect all items and continue down the platform towards the large double doors. Open them to meet a familiar foe.

OBJECTIVE: The arena of the Gorgons

This battle consists of a Gorgon and a good number of enemies. Dodge the shots tail and petrifactions of the Gorgon. Damage it with combos and kill it with a special attack. Kill the enemies in any way whatsoever. Open doors, go through the cave and enter the next level.

In this area you will find a character, who will ask you to release him, sitting on a chair behind a wall of red roots, and a fire-breathing Cerberus caged on the other side. First, jump onto the platform above the character. This will lower the platform and open a gate at the top of the other side. Fly to the left to reach a pass where you will find a pot of red roots that you will need to drop it. Enter it and push it up a level. Drag the jar into the cage of Cerberus who ignite! Leave it and go back to activate the platform above the character. Jump on the platform to open doors above the Cerberus caged. From there, go quickly to the other side you fly through the vapor from the pot.

Now activate the lever to open the cage of Cerberus. Scroll down and damage the Cerberus until the buttons appear context. Push the buttons and Kratos ascend Cerberus! Cerberus Guide to the cage where the character (burn all enemies) and burn the cage to win a new weapon: the bow of Apollo. Kratos can use the bow of Apollo to burn any wall of brambles he sees red. There was a plume of Phoenix here! To the cage where there was Cerberus, above you, there is a passage closed by thorns, do you see? Put it on fire with a flaming arrow and move the pot that you used to access the lever. Go out and Consume the thorns blocking the passage and save!

Enter the next area to see some lockers and a wall of brambles. Shoot a flaming arrow into the wall to find a chest with a Minotaur horn! From here, continue left.
The Judges

Join the platform of the Judges. If you stay on the front of the screen and walk on the left you will see a platform with three chests. One of them contains a Gorgon Eye.

Prior to trial, you must submit to a test in three phases. Operate the stele to start.

First test

Kill the monsters before the arms do not catch them

Second test

You should catch your enemies before they hit the background grid, otherwise they will turn into Minotaur (both at the same time maximum).

Third test

The last phase brings you face to the Gorgons, Minotaurs and winged creatures. Feel free to use the gaze of the Gorgon to his death

The ordeal ended, go in the center of the circle to take note of the judgment. Continue through the blue gate, then proceed to the entrance of a tunnel. Let the Minotaurs come to you and send an arrow loaded into the braziers to get rid of.

Go through the same tunnel and immediately turn right to another gate, which takes you behind the gate remained closed after the Judgment. You will find a Minotaur Horn and a new note. Return to continue your route and sutez platforms.

Once the kinematics over, continue your way through the chain. Let yourself go down the wall and go through the cave. Pick up a new note on the floor along the way.

Fight your way through the fault near the wall (be careful, you are expected). Do not forget the red box on the left. Continue until you come across a new place with several boxes and a new note on the ground.

Start by fire the thorns in the background grid. You can then use the air blast to ride to the next level. Move the joystick to use the lift and transport the brazier on the floor below and throw on the grids. You will benefit from a stronger current to help you achieve a big plate near the ceiling.

After swinging the brazier on the bottom plate, use the wings to reach the gate, then climb on top. You will find yourself facing a door. Open it to find a cavity filled with enemy hands, hiding a Phoenix Feather (enter here will unlock a trophy).

Let yourself soar to the highest pass. Continue down to statues to hammer that will wake up. Set their case by attacking them one by one and parrying their blows. Continue to the left and glide to the chest sunken green. Then let yourself fall to join the Forge.
The Forge

After talking with Hephaestus, the lever on the right to address the grid.

Down the stairs, turn the lever to move the center. The cave on the right leads to chests and dogs, the path behind the brambles at the bottom goes to the exit.

You find the blade of Olympus. After the scene, try the Rage of Sparta on the few enemies that appear. Then turn around toward the door with brambles and burn them with the bow. Two watchdogs arise, kill them with QTE.

Open the doors to a small room where you fight a lot easier. Remember to note the ground, a little to the left, and walk through the doors.
Palace of Hades

After the coffers, look for a pile of stones on the right side. Bring this stack to the wheel to the left, turn the wheel to open a door height, and tuck the wheel with stones. Then climb on the tree in the center to the floor.

Kill the welcoming committee (minotaurs, dogs, ...) before taking the long way up towards the statue of Hades (you can not miss it ...)

Facing the statue, turn left to find a scale at the bottom. Climb up to find two chests and a red feather Phoenix hidden on the right.

The puzzle of the statue

The objective is to catch each hand of the statue in order to then hit the chest with the coffin.

Start by turning the knob to bring up the coffin of Persephone. With, made the coffin banging on the statue of Hades to bring down two ladders on either side. At the top of the left, take the elevator to the bottom right to reach the ground floor, open the gate behind the wheel of the ground floor and recover the stone pile before. Climb the stone pile and place it near the wheel. Return to the statue and you'll have an event timed: turn the crank again before quickly resume the left scale, operate the wheel, and lock it with the pile of stones. The right arm of Hades is now held prisoner, and the hand can not move.

Turn the crank again, go for the right and turn the wheel to catch the left arm of Hades. Go back down and launch again the coffin on the statue to create a breach to the throne of Hades.
BOSS: Hades, god of the underworld

The battle begins when Hades tries to extricate you your soul. Mitraillez alternately and keys to debate you.

The beginning of the confrontation is not complicated: dodge his attacks by somersaults, jump for attacks balayantes low (not high)

After a first QTE, a piece of flesh is torn but wants to return to its owner. Destroy the meat before Hades is recharged. The arms, which can catch you, give green orbs, so if you're messed up, let the meat and blow up arms in a combo, you can reactivate the QTE.

Once it does, Hades may reveal rain chains, to avoid the area in gray ground, or souls in the shape of skull or Cerberus, you can dodge by jumping. Repeat to attack Hades to move on.

During the next phase, a gap between you and Hades and you must make sure to hurt while dodging his attacks and avoid falling. If Kratos never threatens to slip into the void, mitraillez to avoid falling. Ataquez chained up and dodge a little QTE which allows you to retrieve the Claws of Hades.

Get hold of some enemies (they're there for), until Hades back. You can not change weapons during this phase. Attack him constantly and dodge his attack with his gaze through and grapple hooks on the right side. Moving from one side or the other to finally take possession of the soul to Hades.

The soul of Hades now allows you to swim in the river Styx. You with a PDS in the face. Dive and swim to the front of the screen instead of following souls. You will fall so quickly on the helmet of Hades.

Also in the Styx, swim in the direction of current to continue your journey. Go back to the surface when you get a chance and jump on the bank for a fight in which you can use an unlimited invoaction the souls (the magic of Claws). Then dive into the second pool, swim up having to operate a new lever, and continue until you return to the forge.

After the cutscene, take the path from the outside (where you had taken the Blade of Olympus). On the turntable, the statues come to life when you start cranking. From the balcony, go to the blue gate is APARU to return to Mount Olympus.

Walk along the trail to find Gaia. Come then and hit his left arm to determine his "tendons". Load the Blade of Olympus now and decide to drop the hand and Gaia. Remove the remaining hand out of the way. And you will reach a large door. Trying to open it, soldiers appear. You will have all overcome to open the door.

In the caves, attract the attention of harpies in their shooting arrows and use them to pass over ditches. If you fall, you can step back to the ditch and take a new harpy. Over the second pit, you should change harpy along the way: jump for the change. You'll find a chest with red orbs in the second pit. remember that the harpies do supprotent three knife cuts before falling.

Immediately after the second precipice, go back through the PDS not far, then retrace your steps. Take the harpy to direct you to a balcony to the right height. You will find a Gorgon's eye, a Minotaur horn and red orbs.

Continue by the only possible path and jump onto the next platform to prune the skeleton and the centaur. Feel free to use your magic if you have any left in stock and try to enter the beautiful little QTE when trying to pal the centaur. Continue through the alley toward the titan of fire (these are Persians).

When you begin to activate the ballista, you will be attacked by a chimera. Work it in melee to chain two QTE. The enemy then dodge most of your attacks while replicating a few fireballs, hardly comparable. Try to be quick and hit only after ducking for not making the bout.

Then go back behind the crossbow and shoot when the chariot of Helios will be in the crosshairs.

Then go back to where you fought the centaur to witness the arrival of a whole school of harpies. Use them to cross the gulf that separates you from the following buildings. Just use and grab a harpy after managing to get his attention by firing a few arrows on it, then jumping from Harpy to Harpy (there are plenty).

On the other side of the chasm, kill your enemies before you open the right door and to reach a series of corridors where chests and other opponents await you. Continue on to find out and go down the ladder.

Spend the edges by killing the villagers, and work your hoisting of rbord in to the balcony ledge. You will find that Helios will be immediately protected by soldiers with shields. Try to attack the turtle training to bring up a Cyclops.

Attack him until a QTE that allows you to climb on it and use it to break the training of soldiers. Finish to eliminate enemies before returning to Helios. The latter will try to blind you with a ray. Use the right stick to his right arm in front of Kratos radius in order to advance to Helios. Happened to him, a QTE sequence to be initiated immediately, after which you win the torn head of Helios.

Do not go away you have two important things to recover:

    in the top right corner, near the railing, you will find the Shield of Helios (Remember Chains of Olympus).
    a little lower, hold and use the head of Helios and bring up a box containing a Minotaur horn. This trick will be to use later on gray areas with the golden dust

Repeat to use and the head of Helios on the back wall to reveal the presence of a secret door (move the joysitck right to aim with the head). Go into the cave and use once again the head of Helios to guide you in the dark. Kill your enemies by blinding them and continue.
The path of Eos

A chest concealed left early in the path contains a gorgon eye. The caves are in the dark, so use the head of Helios as a lamp. Be careful though the enemies you encounter along the way, then charge the head regularly to have your hands free. Continue until the passage with the black-winged harpies. A charge attack with the head of Helios can garner a lot of damage. Then continue to the left and use the head to reveal a secret passage. Cross the new cavern helping you head.

Go through the cave until you reach a railway crossing with a rope. Let yourself fall first to recover a Phoenix Feather, go up the climbing wall and run the line to cross the gulf located just outside the cave. Continue your way and do not forget to turn the head of Helios to avoid falling into the holes (charge it to see where you atterissez, then use the wings to soar above the vacuum).

You'll soon find out. To reach it, cross the chasm with the harpy and do not jump at the last moment. Walk along the bridge and jump completely on the right instead of back on land to find two chests of red orbs. Then go back on the rocky ground for a new fight.

Get rid of your opponents (+ use regularly for out of the ground) and drop down on the left side of the platform to find the hooks that let you down. Follow the path to find a new safe red. Step back and continue your way until you reach two chests near a scaffold. Break it and use the head of Helios to clear a wall and get a Gorgon Eye.

Walk across the bridge on the left and get ready for combat with barriers. Defeat your opponents in range and send arrows on the braziers in the distance to eliminate in one fell swoop groups of archers. Kill all the monsters in order to continue on the left. Before returning to the Chain of power, go to the corner left of the two boxes: there is a chest containing an invisible Phoenix Feather. At the foot of the chain, you can save before you spread your wings to go higher (without singing, thank you!)
Chain of Power

During your ascent, you will have to slalom between obstacles. The only motto is: if the hole is a bit tight, it will not.

Because of Persians, you will make a transition to climbing and jumping. Hurry, because the balconies do not take well. When you are on the walls, made of jumps aside to avoid the best ball of lava falling. Once you reach the first wooden platform, just after a long climbing wall, the head of Helios reveals a chest with a Phoenix Feather. A jump and grab two shots, and you go back with your wings to climb a shorter passage, but a tad harder. Same motto: aim in passing the broadest.
The caves

The idea of ​​this place, where you will spend several times, is to reconstruct a large cube with the blocks you to leave. When you are asked, walking on the right of the block to see a piece of dust. The head of Helios show a chest with a Minotaur horn. Burn the thorns to release the mechanism blocks. Use the grapple to get to another block release of brambles. This time, monsters will try to break the chain holding the block. For you to stop them, under penalty of Game over. On Abors, two Minotaurs, you can kill with magic and a new QTE. When it stops, you must first kill the Minotaurs that appear before killing the archers with flaming arrows. When the fire-breathing Cerberus appears, ride it quickly to kill the Minotaur with, which saves time. On arrival, jump on the next block to meet Hermes. Kinematics over, treat yourself with the chest, then jump onto the chain in propelling you through the key. Then go up the chain by making quick movements until it reaches the House of the flame. At the bottom left of the other chain of the room, use the head of Helios to reveal a passage with three red chests and a Gorgon Eye. Start by going outside and up the stairs to two chests red. Go back inside the main room and use the head of Helios to display the paintings on the walls with six books unreadable on the left. Then head to the center of the room to observe the flame. A short cut-scene, then read the books located in enrollment that you had previously revealed to return Hermes.

The god, who runs very quickly, is your new target. Join in as and platforms where it is located. When you are at the bottom of the wall, after the jump, get ready for a little speed test: take the hook, and then only on the wooden bridge, run and jump while gliding to avoid the flames. The bridge passes on to the vertical climb, jumping quickly and killing men who cling. Take the climbing wall, then jump until monsters appear. Kill them quickly, then join the portal and press quickly to survive. Once on the platform, pull the lever to move the hook. Cross, and attention, the bridge will collapse. Spend grapples to avoid falling. A little further, Hermes will bring down a grid and monsters appear. You are free to kill them or not. Climb the ladder to the left of the gate, jump right to pass and reach the top. When you see a catapult and Hermes run on a rope to a statue, you say that the end of this circus is close: the lever, aim the catapult to Hermes, then operate the machine and do the QTE to reach the god . Once up, follow the bloodstains on the walls to find the god in bad shape, but always hopping. Attack him until you can trigger a QTE and Hermes definitely keep running.
Large vestibule

You just won the boots of Hermes. Once pavement, you win the trophy "Delivery of shoes," and the right to kill a few enemies. Before leaving, look on the right of the head of the statue to pick up the piece of Hermes, a new divine good.

Then use the boots to move along the wooden railing. Keep current on the mural. The boots are used every time you will see the footprints highlighted. Do not miss the three chests of red orbs along the way, and make sure to reach the outside. Continue with hoisting behind the enormous head of the statue and cross the chasm to the left wall of helping you and boots of Hermes. After crossing, you will see a new corner in the area of ​​dust that hides a chest with a Phoenix Feather. Continue climbing along the columns. Once at the top, left to hover on a platform that is a chest. Continue to have a fight locked. After the soldiers, an armored cyclops falls. Dodge his ball rolls or by the boots of Hermes, and finish it with a QTE. When you have two cyclops the same time, go to the magic and Rage of Sparta.

Once the fight is over, do not head for the door but the left wing there is basically a chest with a minotaur horn.
Upper chamber of the flame

Open the door to reach the upper chamber of the flame. There are two red boxes on the left. Take the corridor (this is the only way) to fall on a siren. When she is in the form of a blue cloud, use it on the head of Helios before attacking. Climb the spiral stairs to reach a new part. Use the air blast left a red chest and a Phoenix Feather, then the right to a safe red, and go to the railing in the middle. You have to turn the wheels to form the design of the Blade of Olympus. To get there, do this:

    turn the wheel right three times
    turn the wheel next to three times
    turn the wheel far left once.

Go back down to ground level to actuate the second mechanism and make sure to press the scrolling of the PS3 (^ ^) when they appear in the viewfinder. Take good pace to get there without worry. Activate the lever to lower the platform. During the descent, many enemies equipped with a shield attack you. Use the QTE for completion of gorgonians can destroy the shields. On arrival, pull the lever again, but get quickly to the platform: under four chests red hide. Continue to the next room and up the stairs to reach the flame. Turn the lever before the flame to activate the mechanism and open a door, you agree to this new path. Beware of monsters in the hallway. Finally, go down the spiral staircase. Just down the stairs, use the head of Helios down to reveal a chest with another Gorgon Eye.
The Forum (BOSS: Hercules)

Walk outside to start a cutscene. You have the opportunity to restore your health just before. At the Forum, you will explain Kratos's brother Hercules. Eliminate the first monsters to make him want to come. Equipped with the cestus of Nemea, Hercules can be very painful, but if you dodge his strikes the ground before impact by jumping and turning around, you can dodge them.

Continue until Hercules rushes at you. Bomb the button to take over and you control Kratos hurtling like a demon with his brother on his back. Aim for a plate of brambles bordering the arena to break the armor. After three times, Hercules has nothing, not even weapons.

You have therefore won the Cestus of Nemea. Hercules still try to beat you with his bare hands, but no longer as bad. Dodging correctly, by running the keys to get out of his catch, he will eventually swing the end of the balcony and break it, which can trigger a QTE last, ending the demigod. Immediately after the fight, dive under his corpse to find the shoulder of Hercules against the background grid. After the confrontation, follow the sewers and eventually find a room where you will have to fight again with the magic of the Nemean Cestus infinite. Clear them all, then hit the rocks in Onyx (blue crystals) holding the prisoner at the bottom lever with your new gloves. Remember that the cestus of Nemea are the only weapons capable of breaking the rock. Lower the lever to allow the opening of a gate in the pool where you had landed with Hercules. Soldiers armed with shields so you stand in the way CRS: break them with your pretty gloves, complete intruders. Move the grid to move underwater. When you come away, go to the bottom of the screen for two chests, one with a horn Minotaur. Move to the bottom to reach the House of Poseidon.
House of Poseidon

After killing the monsters, spin the wheel on the left to lift the gates. Move quickly the first grid. You will see on the right the Princess of Poseidon (Amphitrite for short) behind a grating. Head to the left after talking to the princess. You will reach a room with three doors at the bottom. Jump into the right one for you find the big bottom plate. From here, jump to the platform at the top left to reach a lever that will lower. Go back down to where you came when several dogs are coming. Use the key to their butts kicked in the direction of the right portal borrowed previously, the aim being to bring at least 4 on the bridge so that it supports enough weight to allow you to reach the second gate the bottom. If you insist, have fun with the dogs (50 kicks in dogs earns you a trophy). You also join the platform to use the new portal and return Amphitrite. Before leaving, pick up the note to the left, the Conch of Poseidon and the Gorgon's eye on the right, and other chests.

Now follow the princess and get out to kill dogs and lock the button next to the girl to wherever will be necessary. The statues come to life in your way. Since soldiers to shield also appear, remove the cestus Nemean to kill this beautiful world. Follow up back in the departure lounge where you will activate again the wheel used to lift the gate. Then go (alone) and pass the two gates. Your evil deed you will still get the trophy, "If only ... ". Walk towards the statue to start a cutscene. Pick up the note on the ground, take the pen of Phoenix, revealed by the head of Helios on the right and then walk out the left.
The upper gardens

In the gardens, you must cross the chasm by activating the levers of platforms. The first is activated once, the second too, but the third must be activated twice so you can direct you to the first hallway (the lever on the bottom does not work). You arrive in a room with very friendly atmosphere for its gentlemen. Before going closer look, get the two chests containing red and the Minotaur horn in the trunk near the wall right before you approach the big bed in the back of the room. Aphrodite is ready to prove it deserves its title of Goddess of Love. Accept the offer if you want to win the trophy "Tombeur". Meet Aphrodite (if you can not do that, you can trust ... Kratos) also saves some red orbs. Perform the sequence required to fulfill your mission of dominant male. Bypass layer hovering for a new divine good: the Garter of Aphrodite (canaillous small band). Go through the teleporter when you have finished with the secrets of the room. You will find Hephaestus who, after a cutscene, you open the door to the realm of Tartarus.
Doors Tisiphone

Upon entering the land of Tartarus, be careful to observe a chest on the right into the first driveway. Inside is a phoenix feather. Walk down the first alley to reach an area where you will face a new centaur. Crack the demon before opening the chest and red jump to the next platform. Continue to fall on the doors of Tisiphone. Eliminate the chimeras by using braziers before you worry about the doors. Opening the doors requires a little skill and good timing. Start by actuating the two channels on either side of the door. Now push the two blocks in the wall for you create a path. Take the blocks on the left, then use the harpy to change sides. Hurry, the platforms are moving in that direction. Climb up, take a new harpy to return to the top left and drive one block. Take a harpy to push another block on the right. With one last harpy, join the wheel center by jumping at the last moment, activate it and you will open both doors.
Abyss of Tartarus

Open the eye as soon as you walked through the doors of Tisiphone, and you will notice a chest just to the left at the save point. Inside is a phoenix feather. Walk along the path of the cliffs, have to jump up to continue. Go forward a bit and turn right to find a Minotaur Horn. Now go down the road and press at the bright spot to face, not a god, but a titan!
BOSS: Chronos

For your culture is Cronos, his real name, not Chronos.

Part 1

Start with the strafe button. Use immediately after the head of Helios responsible for the blind. You will find yourself very quickly on his right arm. Kill the enemies then climb the arm as it passes the vertical. Hit the wart in order to continue to climb. Other opponents will bother you when the arm of Cronus will be horizontal. Kill them while avoiding the attacks of the giant. Dodge his breath, hurry the movement of joystick left to catch up to his arm when he sends you to waltz. The only time you can hurt the Titan's when he plants his fingers then make your way towards the major attack you directly to the nail. It will go to pieces before you can extract the root of the nail with a QTE.

Part 2

Chronos will then attempt to crush you with his open hand. Observe the ground to see the shadows of his fingers and stay in the light to dodge, then quickly climb his finger on his left. You get closer and face the enemy. Attention, it can quickly send you waltz. Use again the head of Helios responsible for the blind. Ejected, you will once again climb, his side this time. You will end quickly reach a small platform located at the belt of Chronos. Kill the enemies, then open the waist to reveal an onyx: cut the flesh that holds it. Cronos find you and wants to crush you again: mitraillez the button to get away quickly.

Part 3

It begins with a sequence where Kratos must move under the left hand of Titan. Advance by killing enemies. When Cronos sends you flying, use the grapple to swing and land on his arm. There, quickly run forward without worrying about enemies, to prevent his hand and get on a shoulder. Kill the enemies in it, then when the cyclops skinned arrives, attack him to climb on him and hit the shoulder of Cronos (where the cyclops was released). After a QTE, you will visit the interior of Cronos (yes). Let yourself slip quickly jumping to avoid the two edges to avoid you take the falling debris. If you survive, you will receive a QTE that allows you to highlight the Titan, picking up the Omphalos Stone (you were there for that). Income to the belt of Titan, break onyx with your gloves and make the QTE before completing Cronos. You come back quickly to the Forge. Hephaestus gives you the lash of Nemesis, an electrified weapon (it will be useful soon after). The blacksmith rebels: press the keys to free you from the landfill, then hit the pillar with your right arm to completely do away with him. Before rising again towards the gate, turn left and behind the pond, you pick up the ring of Hephaestus. Step back now with the boots of Hermes to the portal to return Aphrodite.
Chamber of Aphrodite / Gardens upper

Aphrodite back home, you can retry the QTE with the goddess for new red orbs, but the level is slightly raised. Exit and return to the broken bridge, turn right at the bottom left and use the whip of Nemesis the last device to power into electricity and joining a new door.

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