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God of War gameplay 2012

Often criticized, violence in video games today continues to be very present and some are very successful series of outbursts of violence exclusively virtual. An outlet for some, a bad influence to others, these games are in all cases among the best sellers.

These games are a series that has had its moments of glory on PlayStation 2 and is still selling as well since its release in 2005: I named God of War. God of War is a game developed by SCE Santa Monica Studio that features Kratos, Spartan became a fearsome god of war. The first installment of the series is released in 2005 and has immediately won over the audience and critics. With an outstanding achievement and a very comprehensive gameplay, the game also shines by its beauty and outburst of violence that appeals strongly to fans of the genre.
Release of God of War 2

Recognizing the enormous potential of the series, the developers of God of War are quickly released a second aspect of the game which will be launched in 2007. This episode follows the story of the first and resumes gameplay elements plus the addition of new powers and new movements. Kratos is still seeking revenge and eliminates one by one the gods of Olympus. The game will be there as a huge critical and commercial success and Kratos enters the circle of the greatest heroes of video games for a lot of players.

The next year, God of War will make its appearance on PSP with God of War: Chains of Olympus which takes place chronologically before the first episode and explains how Kratos has come to rebel against the gods of Olympus.
God of War on next gen console

Despite the drawbacks out on a handheld, Chains of Olympus is going very well get out and this album, even if fewer sold than the other two remains one of the best game released on PSP.

The year 2010 will be the consecration to God of War series with the arrival eagerly awaited God of War III that everyone called out on next gen console. Presented at E3 2009, God of War III was primarily impressed by its graphics and its realization. Probably one of the best games released for the PlayStation 3, God of War III does not neglect its fascinating history from beginning to end well staged incredible and unparalleled next-generation console. God of War III's content is very respectable with a story mode available with several difficulty modes (including an unlockable) that take the player for about 10 hours depending on the difficulty.
A project for God of War 4?

A challenge mode is also available and will ask him a lot more patience because the difficulty can not be selected in this mode for players who want to finish their games to 100%. So the challenge is to go even though it is difficult to satisfy those few hours of play so the game is quality.
god of war

The presence of trophies also offers an extra challenge, and it will take a lot of perseverance to players wanting to win the ultimate trophy. GOW III has sold over 4 million copies worldwide and is also one of the highest rated PS3 according to the world press. The same year, God of War: Ghost of Sparta released on PSP, this is a new component PSP developed by the same team that had worked on Chains of Olympus. God of War II and PSP two episodes were also adapted for PS3 and grouped in the game God of War HD Collection. They are also available individually on PlayStation Store. God of War 4 is meanwhile still project without any real information yet.

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