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Max Payne 3: Still cool - and absolutely real hit!

Max Payne - the protagonist from the game series - has lost everything. Part 1 cost him his wife, child and friend, who succeeded him, was the mistress. What can developers Rockstar Games the New York police officers in the latest edition do not? What can a broken man wear something else? The mundane answer: it's always worse!

Kismet, Karma, fatalism
Nearly eight years have passed since its last adventure of Max Payne - time that can not trace the fate vorbeizog troubled protagonist. His apartment in New York City suburb of Hoboken is a run down hole in the prevailing gloom and chaos - a mirror image of Max's psyche. The attempt to numb the pain of losing loved ones with alcohol and pills made him a shadow of its own decay. Not least because of unwanted disputes with the Mafia in New York, Payne listens to the advice of his friend Raul Passos and traveled to São Paulo. In the Brazilian metropolis, he found employment as a bodyguard for a wealthy businessman and his family. Everything that is good? Not at all! The fate of pain is persistent and pursue the auditee to South America: Before Max Payne knows it, he is dealing with a kidnapping and hordes of trigger-happy mercenaries.
COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE was trying to be a guest at Take 2 producer in Munich, how to control the new title in the single-player and multiplayer mode. The slow-motion effect, the so-called Bullet-Time stands still in the middle of the action: Only with this ability to survive, the former New York cop against the masses of enemies who oppose him in the third part of his abundant dark chronicle. Who does not use the item and instead makes use of the new cover system is not very old: coverages are not bulletproof.

Old vs. new
Typical Payne series leads himself narrates the story. Unlike its predecessors, is content developer Rockstar not just a flashback. Repeatedly to switch between levels of activity and periods: the bald Max Payne in São Paulo, as well as play the classic leather jacket carrier in New York. Rockstar uses a narrative with its predecessors, but the presentation dressed in a fresh guise. The comic, who advanced in Part 1 and 2, the soft story, animated films, which portray the comic style, however. Between sequences shown in the sections played a much larger role than in previous cuttings.
Playfully daring "Max Payne 3" series is also a balancing act between tradition and contemporary conventions. Thus missing the ex-cop, the magic bag in which he stored an infinite number of weapons. The new Payne is limited to two handguns and a heavy gun. This means that it collects about a shotgun, Max wears it in his hand, can be put away our gun do not - for lack of appropriate support. If you decide now, at the same time with two handguns rush at your opponent, Max drops the gun. Nice detail: he carries guns - visible to the player - on the body, always put the gun in the left holster. That there were the predecessors to be seen.

Take no prisoners
The game itself is alive and kicking. Although the atmosphere of the third part is a different than before - comes in the hot and glaring outskirts of São Paulo with the best will not be the same as in the mood to snowy New York. Sensitive souls might even interfere in the violent bloodshed. Jaded action fans, however, predict it should, especially since it was this hard, not least that gave the first two parts of the series a special kick. In any case, Max leaves on his way through Sao Paulo, hundreds of corpses.
Big Screen
When playing the mission shown (a money transfer in a football stadium) mainly fell on a stage: The camera provides a lot of movement for extreme dynamism in action and whips the action forward formally. This impression is reinforced by the makers or that the player always sees his character and experiences the threat so intense. Sometimes exaggerate the developer and the overload message with picture effects such as blurring or wobbles - this would have been a few more. The bottom line remains, however, was the logical sequence that keeps the players without a major break on a high adrenaline level and drives him through the story.
Just new
Graphically, the pre-release on the Xbox 360 has left an excellent impression. It looks great when sailing past the opponent's balls in slow motion to Max Payne and set the backdrop to rubble. The muzzle flash from his weapon slowly licks - a deadly hail of lead discharges to the counterparty. And if Max hungover and filthy ribbed undershirt staggers through his flophouse, one looks forward, that there is no odor television ...
Prognosis: Max Payne 3

In single player mode Max Payne convinced all along the line, there are few points of criticism: The makers of it do occasionally fierce and bloody. On the positive overall impression of an uncompromising old-school action smasher, where Bruce Willis or Sylvester Stallone had their joy, that changes little.

The multiplayer mode is also independent and action-packed enough to tie up to the experts for Shooter Gamepad. Beginners is the difficulty in the game against human experts to be high, because without support they may find it difficult goal in each variant.

Rockstar is the predecessor looked exactly the core gameplay elements are filtered out, overworked, drilled and assembled into part 3. Atmosphere and agree action in each case. Viewers are torn: How skeptical do the game sections in sunshine in Sao Paulo, so optimistic is true of the alcoholic and drug addicted, cynical, depressed Max Payne. Although he is no longer the old man - but still cool and absolutely real hit. Download

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