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Star Trek - Infinite Space: the final frontier to explore for free

Subraumkatapult, tricorder and replicator are familiar terms for you? You like to philosophize about the humanity of androids and your friends look ashamed sometimes to the side, because it takes a handshake with a V ring and middle fingers splayed, they are roughly at the level of the ear to receive? Caught: You are a Trekkie!

Then you will probably like many like-minded people: You will find hardly any good games based on the "Star Trek" universe. Provides a pity that space travelers yarn of Gene Roddenberry but exciting material for games. But like in the movies and series, the hope never dies. Maybe it will not take months, but only until the end of 2011, to a successful implementation appears: This starts with "Star Trek - Infinite Space" is a browser game with matching license in the vastness of the Internet.
Developers Keen Games is trying hard not to disappoint the die-hard fans: To maintain consistency remains, the studio employs external experts to examine all ideas to be compatible with the "Star Trek" saga. Visually succeed: ships, characters, space stations correspond to the series and movie idols. The highlights are the menus in the LCARS design: They look just like the terminals on the Enterprise.

Consuming online game
The modified version of the plug-in provides graphically appealing for Unity3D Browser Games Result: Where can jump elsewhere, the pixel males, are the objects in "Infinite Space" three-dimensional effects and crisp values ​​in the space battles. Space battles? Now
download the most Trekkies probably get stomach aches
A little peace?
So far, so accurate. But the constant shooting action with a little bite to the principles of "Star Trek": One of the leitmotifs of the Federation, the peaceful co-existence. This is true even in the "Deep Space Nine" era in which the browser game is set. Although Starfleet uses the template every now and again to arms, but the diplomatic channels have priority. In "Infinite Space" in the alpha stage, it looks like, as if the exception is the rule and the rule than the exception.

It does not change anything if you decide to start the game, as Klingon to conquer space. The archaic folk and the Federation while skirmish with each other, but also a common enemy: the Dominion. The Peoples Alliance is an ideological counterpoint to the advanced subjects of the Federation - and much worse: It takes the Alpha Quadrant to target.

The conflict is the background story for the browser game. Thus, the warlike character of "Infinite Space" may be justified logically, but the big message of "Star Trek" saga of tolerance, cooperation and peace will remain in this narrow focus on the track. After all, relax some situations, the decision to Kämpferei nachbohrt and who persevere in dialogue, gain more information.
Diligently collect
Story missions are driving the story, side quests allow you to get experience points and equipment. In order to improve not only themselves but also the skills of your crew.
They are learning about the ship's navigation and the use of weapons. Also important: you crawl planet for raw materials. With the resources set forth new parts for your spaceship. Faster drives and more powerful weapons are two of many options.

Co-op and PVP mode
The high levels of your star cruiser and your talents to make the one fit for bigger tasks, on the other hand, you develop your own individual style of play. This is especially important in co-op: Up to five gamers together to make sure the space. This works best when they complement each other. For example, the need rugged and heavily armed craft in front of the support units, which they repaired.

Lobbies serve as space stations, where you walk with your avatar. With increasing game progress you achieve new space-lounges. The developers also plan a mode in which players compete against each other (PvP). At the start of the stands but not yet ready. Keen Games will "Star Trek - Infinite Space" to provide for the publication of many new content. PvP fights are high on the agenda.

First Impression: Star Trek - Infinite Space
Keen Games attempted a difficult balancing act: "Star Trek - Infinite Space" is to be accessible and durable. It should satisfy Trekkies, but do not depend on newcomers. The ambitious goals call for some compromises: The story is not compatible with 100 percent of the films and series and the gameplay is limited almost exclusively to action with some RPG elements. Despite the criticism: Here is a promising browser game. The developers operate in comparison to the competition a lot of effort. And it looks and is noticeable in the title.

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