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Diablo 3 Collector's Edition: No pre-download possible - Blizzard distributes advice as it goes faster

Who says a pre-download bonus package are also part of the Collector's Edition will be disappointed bitter. Only owners of digital standard version can load the files downloaded before launch. The Blizzard community manager to help you.
The Wii version of the Collector's Edition is sold out for some time. At best, move up due to cancellations, interested Diablo 3 fans yet. Those who have already successfully ordered or cherishes the hope, should consider the following problem. Buyer of the digital standard version are able to download a pre-launch. At the request of fans, whether this is purely for the retail versions - and that includes the Collector's Edition - is true, Blizzard said no. A direct solution is not provided by Blizzard. The community manager Micah "Bashiok" Whipple jumps but breach and provides two ways to view. However, these are linked to all sorts of conditions.

Without making a lot of himself, a fast and punctual mailman versendender dealer is required. If this is too uncertain, two other variants given to him on the way. Players of World of Warcraft using an annual pass could 'get started sooner. "Bashiok" explains:

    "You Should hold a WoW-year passport 'to be, it has a free digital version of Diablo 3, can you allow the pre-download. Then pick her your Collector's Edition and the key cash and upgrade your standard license therefore has a CE license. This gets you four extra months WoW season. This value corresponds almost exactly to a standard version of Diablo 3 "

Solution number two requires the assistance of the Blizzard support and financial investment. It is additionally recommended to buy another digital standard version. The pre-download can be started. If the code for the Collector's Edition available via easy to write the license. After that, the support will be contacted with the request a new unlock code to make available. This can then be shared with a friend. What happens then with the second code that runs on the same account, remains unclear. He also expresses itself not to sell the newly acquired code. Such action would be prohibited by Blizzard Conditions.

Background: Diablo 3
The two previous Diablo titles from Blizzard are two classics in gaming history. Diablo 3 will continue the series with dignity and memories of wild orgies click, eerily beautiful sounds that can be endless acquisitiveness for new weapons and items, and the mad struggle of heroes against hordes of enemies dreadlords Diablo himself back to life. Diablo 3 will be released on 15 May 2012. For more information on Diablo 3, please visit our PCGH topic page.

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