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Pro Evolution Soccer 2012: More action in the new football game!

The series made in recent years, only small steps. This conclusion is now: The first batches reveal fundamental changes.
Ronaldinho was once the world's footballers. The very best in his business. Playful tone and equipped with an elegance that was miles ahead of others. Meanwhile, it is quiet around him. For several years he is no longer the old man, sitting on the bench - the magic is gone. The former companions have become better, brighter, more professional. For a former idol is undoubtedly a difficult situation. So how to deal with it? To put it in football jargon: Fight! Connector on it, and sandals laced to attack blow! This is what makes "Pro Evolution Soccer" in 2011. "PES"? Yes, because "PES" is a kind of Ronaldinho in the virtual football - at least in part: The Konami kick suffered in recent seasons to form weak and had to give the competitors "Fifa" admit defeat - at least according to many fans. But unlike the Brazilians, the odds are good on a big comeback.

Last year, both Konami and Electronic Arts, the eternal adversary attacked by the playful freedom: 360-degree passes were the jewel in the title. Some sat on beyond goalkeeper AI without constraints, the other on sophisticated passport control. In "Pro Evolution Soccer 2012" The magic word is now "Active AI". This Konami wants to stimulate the enthusiasm of your virtual team colleagues - apparently with success.
Barca says hello: Everything up to speed and power in the battle
Gone are the "PES 2011" times in which they sought in vain to free-running midfield players. Gone are the days when you had to own as a shock striker play against a defensive bulwark, as appropriate play stations were missing. In "PES 2012" one's own teammates are constantly on the move: If you hold the ball around in midfield to run free counterparts on the sidelines, put on a sprint or fall back. Also, diagonal walkways are now commonplace. Practical side effect is that the advances of other players take on the defenders themselves, creating spaces. There, you play beautifully into deadly passes or use the space for a sprint followed by Pits. The way to the gate at the new branch, you should often take: Messi, seals and other lightweights are namely not to light two fights to the ground and need felt minutes until they are back in the game. Dependent on good balance, agility and dribbling values ​​put the small kicker bump off better.
 The zero must be
Thus, the new offensive momentum does not degenerate and one returns to the beginnings of the genre, where a neat 5-3 customary even between two Italian teams, was drilled on the defensive Konami strong. So between defense and midfield is not as big gaping hole more like the predecessor. Quite close to the game, the four-man defense reacts to the game situation is appropriate and sent to the rooms. In addition to better balance the team called Zonal Marking the parts guarantee (zone coverage), new defensive finesse: Running example midfielder Andres Iniesta's engine guards it, takes another defender of the storming Catalans.

New opportunities from set pieces
Another site of the series for some years set pieces. Have the freedoms of the pass last year but upgraded corners and free kicks, so were the predictable objections an absolute disappointment. The makers develop a solution for which it has in itself and in the name of "Off the Ball Control" sounds. For corner kicks, free kicks or objections to choose the right analog stick is the ideal player to go to the ball. This sounds harder than it actually is, and to the game immensely, by controlling the routes freestanding players dragging on a free kick about small forward out of the penalty, thus creating space for the header-monster. Another example: You have corner and confuse the enemy with incessant bustle in the penalty area. Instead of a high ball you play the ball low into the back of the defense, which offer more space to complete.
The absolute control of the players
This system developers to transfer the current into the game: To determine, while controlling the ball carrier kicker, the parallel running through your potential play stations - use in an extreme case, two sticks for two players. Similar to the described "Off the Ball Control" makes the "Teammate Control" in the running game even more of a puppet master. It works in two ways: In the simple mode, you push the right analog stick in the direction of a fielder, which is located near your ball carrier Kickers. After pressing the R3 button (PS3) sprints to the selected kicker straight toward opponent's goal. The sophisticated version can hand over complete control of the selected player so you can control two kickers. This new option brings you all next AI reforms, particularly more autonomy in offensive actions. The spoils of the title the way you are no longer forced by annoying pauses.
No more annoying interruptions
"PES 2012" takes place much more smoothly. One reason is that Konami screwed in a big frustration factor of the 2011-Part: So are from constant interruptions and petty refereeing decisions in the past now. The offside rule is defused, the man in black holds back and takes only one if it's really necessary. Konami also restricts the constant repetition in the game. In this way the Japanese make the single player again highlights: If after a goal, the super-slow motion is used, admire stunning images. "PES 2012" does not provide a completely redesigned graphics engine, but the look is refreshed. The same applies to the game physics: Two fights and collisions do very impressive.

Old functions in new guise
90 minutes to the extension ends - which chooses World Cup in a penalty shootout. Most of the "PES" players are likely to penalty kicks to frustration and steep think candles in the night sky - at least since the last offshoot. That is now history: "PES 2012" positioned directly behind the camera back to the shooter, thus simplifying the penalty. Even a well-known trick comeback: The feint a Torschusses is possible again, so you often get in a good position - such as dribbling in the penalty area. Also back with the game is the training mode, the number of missing in the previous painful.

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