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Diablo III: Brave New World Under?

The development is in the hot phase, the release is getting closer. It's time for a comprehensive inventory of in terms of "Diablo 3".
Blizzard rolls up the "Diablo" world in the third part to powerful: New classes and companion, a revised system of dealers, fresh multiplayer modes and more - to fans of the series to adapt to changes. Players are, however - how many people - creatures of habit: they respond to changes in the first moment allergic. Especially the huge following of "Diablo 2" cross-eyed with a skeptical eye on the work of developers. Here, the changes do have hand and foot - the editor summarizes
A significant role in the success of the series have since their inception in 1996, the character classes. Blizzard (and applies) a lot of value that differ greatly from each other fighter types. They use several types of players and create a high replay value. The hero part 3 meet these requirements - even or especially because many clones or variants of existing "Diablo"-stretching.
Barbarian: The fighters are relying on melee heavy Zweihändern or sword and shield. With his special attacks by the enemies he Senst masses, the whirlwind attack players know of its predecessor, the Barbarian is similar in gameplay to his counterpart in Part 2 critically.
No matter what class you choose - in single player mode, you get assistance from a computer-controlled companion. This is not new. Already in "Diablo 2" you need to recruit mercenaries. Which differed in their abilities, experience gained and you missed them in stripped down form of equipment. However, these figures were interchangeable, but that might change with the new volunteers.

As part of the main story you will meet three companions: the Templars Kormac, the Thief and the Sorceress Eirena Lyndon. For each character builds a mini blizzard campaign, after the end of which you will secure the loyalty of the hero. Kormac set about you as a damage-eaters, who will keep the monsters at bay. Especially mages and demons, hunters are likely to benefit from this guide. In the course of the campaign to grow with the mercenaries, they equip you with specialized equipment and the stretching of a small tree talent, invest in all five stages of a point. Kormac trim, for example, either on the offensive, defensive or you train him to become a healer. This so-called spec is not final, for a small fee you can reset the values ​​and experiment with different variations. Blizzard promises that you interact with the attendants, even after the introduction of emissions. Thus, the heroes always comment on what is happening in the campaign - their perception accordingly.
Kormac: melee with shield and sword, depending on the direction he heals, provides you with auras (defensive spells) or share a lot of damage.
Lyndon: The rangers use crossbows. Improve his ranged abilities, it attacks multiple targets or single opponent is too heavy, it increases the optional prey, leaving the fallen monster.
Eirena: The magician tells her spells out much damage, or alternatively confused weakens opponents.
Of course, make the "Diablo 3"-challenge in co-op together with your friends - Blizzard would be crazy to throw this key element of the predecessor to the winds. However, the developers emphasize the LAN support: As "Starcraft 2" the game is in multiplayer games only on In cooperative play up to eight gamers plunge into the campaign - here is no change compared to Part 2 The situation is different in the fight against one another. Instead of kloppen in the scenarios of the campaign, go players (divided into teams, or man against man) in special multiplayer arenas at each other.
The fan base was more surprised that Blizzard succeeded in replacing this system with something new: the so-called rune stones. With these stones you not improve your equipment, but the special abilities of your heroes. The magic of the frost mage you tune around with a blood-red rune stone, so that the beam will cause more damage than the basic version. Or use the golden stone to reduce the mana cost for spells. The changes have effect on the action and also the presentation varies significantly on the screen. "Theoretically, there are 97 billion skill and rune combinations," promises Blizzard producer Alex Mayberry in an interview with the editors. This figure is of course relative - in effect, only a fraction of it is on the higher difficulty levels make sense.
Also in terms of infrastructure is happening in some new offshoot. A major innovation introduced in the Gamescom 2010 Blizzard: the artisans. This companion to join you in the course of the campaign and move into a caravan with you through the game world. There are three experts: The blacksmith makes weapons and armor and adds your items with sockets for gems. The mystic can help with scrolls, potions, magical weapons, and runes
Diablo 3: Craftsmen
The third piece is gem expert. He cares about the manufacture of jewelry, amulets and rings. It also removes jewels from weapons or connects them to increase their effectiveness.
You build from the artisans in five stages, in addition, you continue to specialize in certain areas. Combine the capabilities of the three, you create objects (the so-called Crafting). For this you need gold and commodities. Gold you get from fallen enemies or by selling items. Common materials you also gain from weapons and armor that you disassemble the tradespeople. Some rare ingredients only found in chests or in the remains of certain adversaries. This new system will significantly increase the Blizzard including the value of gold, in the previous tender was almost completely worthless.

Booty for all!
A major problem with online games of "Diablo 2", the distribution of the spoils. Here was the principle "first come, dusting off first." This caused a lot of frustration especially when powerful objects or runes on the weakest link in the group were picked up. This happens in "Diablo 3" no more, for each player finds his own stuff - in co-op games. This means, that can drop a monster end boss of each individual member of prey - such as a sword of the barbarians, and a rod for the magician.
Diablo 3: All new, all good?
Blizzard has a problem: the "Diablo 2" fan base is huge and the long wait for the next spin very accustomed to the (sometimes ingenious) Mechanics of Part 2. At the same time, there are plenty of young gamers, for which the name "Diablo" uniquely associated with the new branch and is familiar with the modern games especially designed for modern comfort. The latter had not "Diablo 2" safe. How do you get these groups together? How satisfied are trimmed to the traditional expectations of the series veterans? How to detoxify the bulky scaffold part of Part 2 so that it pleases the new players? One thing is certain: Veterans need to separate content from some fond (see runewords). That hurts! But Blizzard Blizzard would not, could not charge the appropriate replacement in the quiver. The new crafting system with the artisans for instance, seems to be such a replacement - especially for excessive player it holds lots of potential.

Of course, not everything revolves around the question of what is new. It is crucial above all, how to feel the monster battles? The answer provided the first forays into "Diablo 3"-world.

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