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Might and Magic - Heroes 6: Restrained Revolution

The eternal battle between angels and demons torment the world Ashana - the unholy discord knows no rigid fronts and does not stop in front of family ties. For example, Pavel king falls from the grasp of his dynasty, the victim's daughter. The ugly princess loses her head as punishment, but as a pale vampire-driving lady continues her mischief. Her four brothers make it any better - they swear to each other bitter enmity.

The strategy game "Might & Magic - Heroes" is in the sixth round. COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE to visit the developer, Budapest and played the first of two launch missions. It was clear that the next installment of the series brings some changes, the "Heroes" game concept invented nothing new.
The well-known structure
You pull one of the five offspring of King in the struggle for Pavel Kingdom and conduct one or more heroes. Your duties will include the conquest of mines, the extraction of mineral resources, the establishment, strengthening and defense of fortresses. On an overview map, you make strategic decisions and ensure a functioning economy by collecting resources and mines are taking. On the battle map train to run the train turn-based battles from your opponents. Supplies for the monsters you fight your order in cities, which generate new units once a week. So far, so familiar.
Three new
There are three major new gameplay elements. First, the reputation system: Depending on the game, you change your reputation. Of these, the final scenario is dependent on the experience (there are two different endings). Also new are the areas of control: Who controls a castle, in whose catchment area retains power over all conquered mines, even if the opponent looks over and rob the mine. A Back Conquer is no longer necessary.

The third innovation is your hero. They fit into the "Heroes 6" higher than in the Vorgängnern. About talent points and insert specialization as in a role-playing game set, what role your character plays on the battlefield. In its predecessors that was predetermined by the hero type.

Even playing the first and so far only completed mission shows that despite the inevitable changes in gross new elements. This is both a good and other bad news. Sure, too many changes upset the fan base, but also the visual appearance of almost all the same.
Might and Magic - Heroes 6

Thanks to the reforms, the game is accessible and is sure to win new fans. Old friends are also catered for, even if lacking a fresh, crisp look and a few real innovations.

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