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Everything else in Tomb Raider: the new Lara Croft 2012

Fresh gameplay elements and an open world - the young Lara twisted series aficionados head. An outlook on the reboot of the cult series.
Lara Croft is back - at the tender age of 21 years. While famous hero, Solid Snake ("Metal Gear Solid") and Sam Fisher ("Splinter Cell") in their age with dignity game series, explores the latest adventures of the most famous video game icon for the first time the youth of the attractive archaeologist. Women are slightly more sensitive in terms of age just ...

With the young Lara is changing not only visual appeal - even playfully there will be a reboot of the series: "Forget everything you know so far about Tomb Raider. We explore things that were never done before in this game, "announced promising Darrell Gallagher, head of the development studio Crystal Dynamics.
A ship will come ...
Before Lara became a world-renowned adventurer, she lived in spite of her rich parents' house is a fairly ordinary life. The dramatic events in the new "Tomb Raider" adventure to tell you how it mutates into a nerveless, unpredictable and tough fighter. As new university graduate Lara breaks aboard the "Endurance" on a research trip: With Captain Conrad Roth, she wants to find a treasure off the coast of Japan. The 52-year-old former soldier Roth is an experienced fighter who started his military service after a successful career as a treasure hunter.
and sink
Instead comfortable to sail to Japan, Lara must now fear for their lives: A violent storm destroyed the ship. The young woman is (like some other survivors) washed up on a foreign beach. From then on, the frightened Lara hits the hostile environment, escape death threats and fights against enemies. To set itself, but not alone, she has only one goal - to survive they will. It helps her as Captain Roth: As a kind of mentor he wakes up the survival instinct of inexperienced ex-student and shows her how to be maintained under adverse conditions.

Role player Lara
Without food and drinking water itself, Mrs Croft does not last long. The procurement of food is therefore a key aspect of the game: The player makes sure that Lara will remain in good health. Initially Stranded explores only a small part of the island. In particular, the player base camps to improve Lara's physical characteristics and manufactures equipment. Found objects combine into new, useful objects. You will also improve Lara's impressive athletic abilities on a role-playing like skill system.
Brutal Action
The young Croft explore new areas well equipped and strengthened. On their island trip, she meets many enemies, but also a friendly crew members from the ship that have also saved on the island. In order to defy the enemies, takes Lara back to about a pistol, a shotgun, bow and arrow and a rock hammer. In comparison to previous "Tomb Raider" games, the developers are working on the target system, so that the player now free as in competition with the action of the weapon is aimed at opponents.

The action scenes are more brutal and tougher out than to know the fans of the series. Sun embeds the game Lara's death always in a dark death scene. Two examples: When a man kills them, he closes her eyes the moment of death. After a failed climb it hits a rock boulder, which trapped her leg before another brick smashed her skull.
Playful Lara's adventure is not as straightforward as before, but free to be designed. The researcher are always open several trails on the island. To find themselves their own way to the grand final.

Tomb Raider

Send it looks like the new one. Lara Croft has always been a feast for the eyes, but as a young adult, she looks more natural, more vulnerable and more human than ever before. Whether the promised new gameplay elements just as impressive as Lara's look at the first images remains to be seen. The Videospielveteranin shows the competition in late 2011 or (more likely) early 2012 that they had not heard the scrap heap: In the future, is expected to Lara.

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