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Bullet Storm: Shooting does not make players happy

It crashes into a huge presentation at Gamescom press cabin at Electronic Arts. The walls shake. A joyous outcry, a spiteful laugh, Adrian Chmielarz, head of the creative department at the Polish developer People Can Fly studio ("Pain Killer"), has just made him a mutant and divided according to the rules of the art video game. With a futuristic lasso, he even pulls another adversary to him. The next moment the villain throws a huge step up. In slow motion, the monster hovers over the character. Chmielarz pulls a shotgun aimed at the abdomen of the opponent. A mischievous grunt, then he pulls the trigger: "direct hit" It hails points: In "Bullet Storm" does not include the quantity but the quality of the opponents launch.
Fire in the rear
"If I had shot him, an even greater reward for me would be blown. Wait, I'll show you, "snarls Chmielarz. Again, he throws his lasso and using a footstep an enemy into the air. This time, he waits until the rear part of the Swindler appears in sight. Then he pulls the trigger. "Fire in the Hole" ("Fire in the Hole") comes in large letters on the screen. Again, it hails points. An even greater reward, the player hits to the head or after he hurls flaming containers at the opponent.
"Kill with skill" ("kill with skill") is called the developer, the game play. That arrives in Germany is not the good, the poles seem to know. "We are talking with the PSP, but speaking frankly, it does not look good." The developers have done their opinion, after all, to comply with local regulations ". In the options can be a lot of blood on and off effects" Then it turns Chmielarz fixed smile: "But who cares?"
Technical fireworks
Content is found in the shoot-fight, technically it is beyond any doubt. When fighting in the fictional town of Stygia is on the screen all hell broke loose. Ceaselessly exploding houses and cars, skyscrapers collapse. The highlight of the presentation with the appearance of the screen-filling monster Hecaton. But no sooner has the first shot fired, breaking the developer from the demonstration. "How does the guy who will not betray. We want to prejudge anything, "says the designer. This builds up the viewer on a fundamental doubt about the depth of game: If one is concerned with the strategy for fighting the first boss enemy already too much away, but then can not put too much in the game, right?

Also can be guessed that the visually magnificent staged escape quickly from the destroyed city turn into a desert shoot-shooting. Playful promises to change the presentation on the Gamescom 2010 in any case no. It takes the player exclusively by tubular level, where you can discover very little. In the sections shown an opponent after another wave roaring to the player - that's it. And the story does not help - which is thin and inconsequential.

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