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Microsoft: Windows Xbox only weakens the Xbox 360 in sales

Fresh sales figures prove it: At Microsoft's running around - only weakens the Xbox 360 in sales. The culprit is probably the next generation of consoles.
The U.S. technology giant Microsoft slams the raw figures for the third quarter of fiscal year 2012 on the table - and they speak for themselves: At Microsoft's currently running around. From January to March 2012 the Group achieved a turnover of Redmond from 17.41 billion U.S. dollars, surpassing even the previous year by six percent. Reason for the great balance sheet is a boom in the Windows 7 operating system and Office software Office.
So all in butter at Microsoft? Not quite: With a thoughtful expression of the group looks at the Xbox 360 Although the fifteen months since Daddelkiste undisputed leader of the U.S. console market, but its sales had halved since early 2012. Suffers the entire entertainment division at Microsoft, the massive 16 percent loss has to accept. They are at least 229 million U.S. dollars, the companies go through their fingers.

Sleepless nights still not ready to ailing Xbox 360 numbers but the Microsoft bosses. The Americans took but a few consoles and Kinect modules to the man who boosted sales via Xbox Live on the other hand it. The loss was yet another reason: According to media reports Microsoft has invested heavily in this quarter research and development. These may be just the Xbox 720th Is the next generation of consoles so far more advanced than previously thought? The giant has Zasterhaufen that Microsoft probably already invested in the next game box says, at the very least.

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