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Medal of Honor - Warfighter viewed: war and marriage

Inhale, exhale, fire! Between shots to allow Preacher the unprofessionalism to think of words that tear him apart inside, "I can not continue to make." Inhaling, "We'll get you never see, even when you're here." Exhale, "I can not stand this uncertainty no longer. I will divorce you. "Fire!

Playing with feeling
The already responsible for the first part of developers Danger Close will continue with the "Medal of Honor - Warfighter" tell off the shoot-dimensional and a personal story. COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE visited the studio in Los Angeles for the unveiling of the exclusive action game. The focus is the well-known from the previous game Elite Soldier Preacher, the just cause more headaches than his marital problems, the deadly dangers of the battlefield. His wife wants to divorce him and leave the young girl to the United States. The developers want to show the sacrifices the soldiers and how her personal destiny welded together. In the demo shown swung the issue with threat. During the final preparation of a maneuver echoed from behind the scenes of the desperate call of Preachers wife.
Dynamic battlefield
The mission, the team presented to Mother Preacher and the Philippines after a typhoon flooded. The order is: Freed from the eight aid workers held hostage by Abu Sayyaf-terrorists. The victims are in a hotel. During the special forces, the water is up to your chest, it's raining bullets. The bullets pierced the wooden panels and merciless whip up the water. The mixture of wood chips and gunpowder forms a mist which makes aiming. Literally fly in the hunt to shreds, "Warfighter" uses of "Battlefield 3" well-known graphic routine "Frostbite 2", the impressive lighting effects and destructive magic on the screen.
The soldiers fight their way up the stairs, while smaller fires and tremors rocking the chandelier scene in a flickering light dip. No time to admire the spectacular graphics: a power generator exploded left, right, pulls a fragmentation grenade holes in your coverage. With "Breach and Clear" (breaking and Save) demonstrate the development of a new game mechanics. Have your opponent so well entrenched that the direct attack like a suicide mission, there is often another better route.

Where competing titles such as "Battlefield 3" and "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3" rush players through level hoses, offers "Warfighter" exercise more freedom. Before the door closed, you have four options for action that can have an impact on the progress of the story come to blow open or a (fading) pure toss grenades before storming. Since we are talking about the safety of the hostages go,
KSK is struggling with
In the previous, there were discrepancies in the game mechanics between single-and multi-player mode: It worked in the solo campaign, to slide into cover to cover and take herauszulehnen from a reclining position - but not in online mode. This should happen a second time. The makers promise a game a piece. Development manager Greg Goodrich revealed another interesting detail about the new multiplayer mode: Twelve special forces from ten countries will compete against each other online. In addition to the legendary U.S. Navy SEALs, among other things, the German Special Forces Command (KSK), the Polish GROM, the Australian SASR.
The best of both worlds
"Medal of Honor" has been in the shadow of "Battlefield" and "Call of Duty". The technological gap to the genre sizes could reduce not only through the use of "Frostbite 2" engine - the development team was prominent in 2011 with Chris Salazar support. The art director was about ten years at Treyarch for the production of "Call of Duty - Modern Warfare" responsible and accountable for the graphics brought his team to Danger Close.

The PC version presented graphically brilliant with great effect - at lightning fast 60 frames per second. Whether reduce graphical compromises the gaming experience on the consoles, remains to be seen, gamers are required by the developer at least expect a lower rate imaging.
Ending of Medal of Honor - Warfighter

The "Breach and Clear" mechanism promises to break the tunnel vision of modern shooter title and give the players more tactical options, without taking the speed of the game. Whether "Warfighter" meet with Zwischenfilmchen from the private lives of soldiers, the claim of a mature, credible and emotionally engaging story may be doubtful. Without a playful reference could be the tragic program seem even more daunting for many fans.

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