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Risen 2 - Dark Waters: The new power of voodoo

Dynamic battles, improved look, new magic system - the editors tried "Risen 2". After the first mission is clear: The game has great potential
As he sits, the great hero who mourns for his missing companion Patty and tilts in the Inquisition, a rum base Caldera after the other behind the blindfold. No wonder, since only a few years after his great deeds in the previous game "Risen" is from his fame not much left. He may have saved the island Faranga, Titans defeated the huge fire, but the world and the seas are still full of monsters - are lurking death and destruction everywhere. But hope dies last known: the rough sea washes the remains of a ship on the coast of Fort caldera.

Never alone
With the ruins of the old strands friends: Patty, his powerful, though erratic and sharp-tongued friend. Immediately makes the dynamic duo in search of Gregory Steel Beard, Patty's father, who knows the secret to saving humanity. The pirate fleet bride with her sword is a helpful support - and "Risen 2" an important new element of the game has to offer: The hero fights never alone, always have him Patty or other companion to the side. But not only human. Shall bear the hero sometimes a monkey on his shoulder, who steals his master's behalf objects or biting an opponent. And then there's the innocent-looking parrot, which deflects with his flapping its opponents.
Even at first glance it is clear that the developers at Piranha Bytes to come to terms with its predecessor, but especially with the first "Gothic" parts made a name, much new, but remain true to themselves.

The game looks good, is more colorful than part 1, but nevertheless a far cry from Candy brand worlds of "Pirates of the Caribbean" away. Fans of the dark-term predecessor, rejoice: The rotten harbor dives it's too dark to continue.

Back to the story: After the reunification of Patty and the hero brings Sebastiano, commander of the Inquisition, they Takarigua after one of the many islands in the southern seas. Not only pirates and wild animals such as marmosets, warthogs, grave and aggressive spiders jaguars inhabit the islands. Good thing the hero soon learns how to fight, wards off aggressive creatures with specific steps or equal to firearm attacks. In the playable beta version came on in the diverse struggles that they are not for beginners, and without much skill it takes to succeed in the clashes.
Unloved Snob
Patty and her hero, landing in the port city of Puerto Sacarico, a stronghold of the Inquisition. There exists Governor Tues Fuego, a blase civilian who is unpopular because of his lack of military understanding. To make matters worse, pirates steal piles of sacks of sugar from the port - with the effect that the Rum starts. A fact that the hero uses to ingratiate himself at Di Fuego. Thus a typical game task: The hero offers himself as a messenger who brings the pirates a letter to the Governor for a rum-delivery "requests" and writes: "In return, we refrain from your little insignificant base to lay in ruins. "The response of the pirates:" We would rather eat our boot soles, as we deliver our rum of the Inquisition. But since we are not interested in a war, I suggest we pay you your sugar. My messenger will pay you a reasonable sum. The rum is here! "Beneficiary is the hero who buys new clothes and pay the courier dusting one or two of rum.

Finally, the duo finds hero / captain Patty Steel Beard, whose ship is in port at anchor. The old warhorse is excited about the reunion with his daughter while his crew celebrates efficient bartender at the tavern of Booze. The nameless hero, meanwhile, allegedly infiltrated than dishonorable entlassenes member of the Inquisition, the pirates.
Exciting dialogues
The first meetings of the nameless hero with other figures in Puerto Sacarico have an important function. He says the people at will in order to elicit valuable information. Or he is involved in dialogues, often including situation comedy.

Splendid example of this: Your hero needs a shirt, but has no money to buy it when jailers Carter. The necessary funds can be earned at Koch Osorio. But what a hero is at the stove? So he tried - very macho - Patty to convince them to accept the position. The dialogue is very witty and a good example of the unconventional "Risen" humor - and the duty to talk. Without communication with the other figures, it does not advance. Contemporaries help the hero to bring him with new skills, provide him with clothing, food - and health potions with considerable alcohol content.
Quick to Travel
For "Risen" newbies displayed the game - an auxiliary dialogues, which shuts down the professional - especially at the beginning. Lots of little tips to take the beginner by the hand and lead him through the first moments of the game. The rest you learn quickly you move your character as usual with the arrow keys, use the mouse to look after the environment, collect items and fight. Further, a map and a quick-travel system are provided.

Other key changes relate to character development and political groups - there are two: the Inquisition and the pirates. The character development is not subject to constraints fraction more; your hero customization. Assuming you already have enough money and skills.
Voodoo Magic - an enrichment
To learn the art of Caribbean magic, the player must decide early in the game: either he infiltrated the pirates and learns voodoo magic, or he stays with the Inquisition, and instead gets voodoo powerful force for growth ranged attacks.

Playfully persuaded the Voodoo version more. Apart from the ability to bring people under his influence, and thus make clear the way, the player enemies and weakens their fighting force decisively cursed. This is needed in any case, a voodoo doll that wears out with each use. So bastlen constantly looking for new dolls and the necessary materials. To penetrate into the mind of certain people, you personalize the doll, for example, with a hair. A prick, and even slips into the role of the target person. For example, the player controls a commander, it is easy to load a ship to "legally" and leaking. And besides, the new friend still makes for a bonus payment - so the hero deserves a fair reward.

Swinging the scepter
Besides the dolls, there are other magical weapons: the scepter. Unlike a voodoo doll to be a scepter unlimited use - but with appropriate pauses between two applications. Who is mean or just lazy is, especially with the scepter of power, its fun. This incites the player another two enemies and watches gleefully as they hew to the skull. "Risen 2 'looks compared to the first part really well made​​. The battles seem more dynamic, but also need a little practice. The pirate world comes through consistent, the oblique humor is always present, the draft playful revealed at first glance. Despite the complexity of the entry is made friendly to beginners.

Besides the great atmosphere and the authentic Caribbean inspired characters, especially the variety of resolutions. Voodoo is a lot of fun and offers more variety than the improvement of Ranged strength obtained from the Inquisition. The many obvious advantages should now bring "Risen 2 'a lot of new fans - old and stick to it.

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