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Prototype 2: A new Super Mutant in the city

The measure takes Kampfheli, both guns will stretch out his legs. Elegant jump behind a corner and run up in the shelter of the building's facade. You pounce on top of the helicopter and take him with a mighty uppercut your arm mutated into a tailspin. While the pilot tried to bring under control the dragonfly, grab a rocket launcher and get the helicopter from the sky.

Such small problems you do, almost incidentally, as in fact are the many mutants and the four tanks at the bottom of your problem. So get to work, you can breathe later. They simply boarded one of the tanks and put the whole block to rubble!

Personal motives!
"Prototype 2" is an action unparalleled fireworks. The title alive from the intensive production of spectacular battles. Until your character called Sergeant James Heller described the clout his own, but he goes through a hard school.
Between the fronts
The game succeeds with his fast-paced story from the beginning a very depressing, but at the same time motivating mood to create. The entire introduction and the first battles during your escape from the laboratory to serve as a tutorial. An exciting and successful start!

Since you can not trust anyone anymore, you now as a lone wolf hunting the virus. The disease you do not mind, but also gives you tremendous power. Easily lift cars to spin and it is through the area, jump several stories high and slip into a duel with a helicopter gunship for Heller only a short interlude.
The body of other people.
Zone-specific features
The virus has some New Yorkers into wild mutants, which now run as a giant monster clawed through the city and destroy everything. So a big man in front of you is not sure: First, you cut down, "inherited" you with his claws. A few more weapons to your already long out like a madman, and clean up in the metropolis. Despite the large repertoire of skills and capabilities to ensure control of pre-release version no weaknesses.
During the game, and you grow your skills with the tasks. To begin, move only through the secure green military zone in the city. There, the danger still keeps in check. But by the yellow quarantine zone has it all, the red area with thousands of people infected at the end of the game seems like a doorway to hell.

The first impression is overwhelming. The atmosphere and the incredible verve of the events immediately take a prisoner. No doubt, "Prototype 2" is a crazy-action hammer - because of the significant violence but more for adults only.

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