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Mortal Kombat: Mileena made ​​in advertising

After the success of mini-cosplay live the last Mortal Kombat, luscious actresses are back in this commercial for version PS Vita

"Men Will Always Be men" might say discovering this new ad campaign for the PS version Vita (scheduled for May 4) of the popular Mortal Kombat. Small videos featuring versions "cosplay live" of our favorite characters had a few months ago went around the net, finally ... especially those depicting the incarnations of the female characters make for less alluring poses and revealing attributes lung well beyond the natural standard. It is therefore hardly surprising that Warner hands over the cover and uses the two most iconic creatures from the previous batch, I named Kitana and Mileena.
The ad in question is supposed to focus on the character of the portable console sharer, with two warriors who communicate through the city by performing katas very inspired; an angle which is actually the one generally addressed to the PS Vita it itself, its creators seem to promote a practical and portable video game community. See only this generous aspect would now show a heightened naivety, how indeed to ignore the plastic terribly generous of our two interpreters? Sex and violence are the two breasts of the male dare I add, even though studies have shown that the addition of sexual evocations did not necessarily sell, we are sure it is at least click. The proof is that you read this little rascals!

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