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Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 The first details on PES 2013

The 2013 edition of Pro Evolution Soccer should be released this fall and already Konami reveals the nice improvements of the game

The development studio has reccueilli new strength and new ideas from the community to give new life to PES. Improvements in this next edition focuses on three components: the PES Full Control, identity of the player and AI anticipatory.
Some new features significantly improve freedom of movement. You will have more choice in the receipt of your balls (amortized oriented control), can manually control the shots, passes and throw ins guardian (height and power) or make one to two by moving the second player.
On dribbling and other hocus-pocus, you will also be served! If the speed of players was reduced, you can change the speed dribbling and ball control your 360 °. To counter such attacks, it will be possible to trigger duels where the physical capabilities of your players will return into account.

Is approached more and more reality! The men will they spend their Sunday on the console or in the field?!
With the evolution of technology, players are getting better and made recognizable. In addition to a physical recognition successful, you will find their attitudes, strengths or small towers for which they are recognized. Even the way they celebrate a goal is one!

Moreover, the artificial intelligence of the players you do not control, was significantly improved, particularly the guards, to prevent movement or action that may disrupt or overthrow illogical game!

Finally, Konami also promises to improve the overall ambiance sound matches. Not yet evident in this video, but pretty short!

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