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Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time: Back to the roots

The New Adventures of Prince you breath away in the old "Sands of Time" trilogy. Also jumping playfully engages the nobility back to tried and trusted.
Noblesse oblige: Just in time for the start of the first "Prince of Persia" movie in May 2010, a new game will appear with the sporting heroes in the lead role. Who is now one of the most feared lousy movie-can breathe a sigh of relaxed, "The Forgotten" upholds the virtues of the legendary series. The game comes with its own content that has to do with the movie story as good as nothing. Currently receives the new adventures of eternal heir Manufacturer Ubisoft in Montreal the last finishing touches. COMPUTER GAMES PICTURE allowed to take a first look at the game.

One step back
Surprisingly, the developer relocate the story of the new episode in the past between the first and the second part of the "Sands of Time" trilogy on ("Sands of Time", "Warrior Within"). Even the most technically performs "The Forgotten" a backward roll.
In the center stands a huge palace that belonged to the brother of the prince. The magnificent building is - in a good tradition of the series - full of large rooms full of corners. There are complicated jumping and climbing documents required and the skill of the player is called for, he wants to overcome ingenious traps. Really thick, it comes with a huge army to attack enchanted sand demons to the palace: the Prince must summon all his acrobatic acrobatics in order to tame this mob. After all, romp up to 50 sand creature on the screen - well-fed specimens are 30 meters high.

Magic in the air
To support its artistic and numbers of its combat power available to the fresh prince magical abilities that allow it affects the four elements earth, water, air and fire. These talents characterize itself with the times: the hero initially creates a short burst of air to knock down opponents, he unleashed fierce tornadoes later.
Prince of Persia - The Sands of Time

The prince does again what he does best: He keeps the player with fierce skill exercises in breathing. The first impression is convincing. Graphically make the adventures of the noble Persian forth a lot, the new magical elements bring extra spice to the game. What is on the go, could end up with a huge jump at the top of the charts.

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