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Shadow Harvest: Mixed doubles

One problem, two solutions: Myra and Aaron are secret agents, such as could not be more different. In "Shadow Harvest" they combine their skills to uncover a conspiracy. This approach is promising?
The Earth is a collection of hot spots. Arms dealers earn a fortune by equipping dictators and warlords in developing countries with modern military equipment. As in Mogadishu: The Somali military strikes a rebel insurgency campaign using a robot - Made in USA - bloodily.

How did it get this far? The U.S. intelligence ISA will turn on. By Myra Lee, he sent one of the most efficient agents in the east African country to go to get to the bottom. Myra sets in their investigations on silent methods. With deception and camouflage, they penetrate deep behind enemy lines - Sam Fisher could be their teacher.
At the other end to her partner, Aron Alvarez works: Slip into the role, mutated "Shadow Harvest" to lead thunderstorms. In the style of "Uncharted 2" you move from one cover to the next shoot and what to give up the magazines. In addition, Aaron is an expert in explosives. In short: where the agent is raging, no grass will grow.

It's all a matter of style
And what is your style? This is a central question in "Shadow Harvest". The action title you can often choose the means by which you fulfill the orders of the ISA. As the game progresses, you switch between characters blithely back and forth - depending on which procedure you have in mind. Meanwhile, your partner follows you or persists in a safe place.

High-tech toys
Especially in the role of Myra, the game mechanics shows highly variable. Often several methods lead to success. Also, because the developers equip the agent with an extensive equipment.
Aron has since other worries: In the streets of Mogadishu to help it do a couple of sharp blades. There he was expecting tanks, stationary guns and urban warfare. These challenges it presents with machine guns, grenades and explosives. In addition to a quiet finger on the trigger but also tactical skills in demand: The environment of "Shadow Harvest" offers plenty of room to flank enemies and to seek protection. The cover system works automatically. Without pressing Aron draws his head when he stands before a suitable property.

In some places, the agent uses vehicles to thrive. As diverse as his female counterpart to make the processes not. The report effects are, however, Aron's side: Thanks to Nvidia's PhysX technology is the partially destructible environment. Many objects in fancy explosions burst - as if the developers have provided a breaking point.
First impression: Shadow Harvest

Action or slow action game? "Shadow Harvest" will decide not to use just two genres. An ambitious task: the competition in both areas is large and high quality. In order to advance in the Champions League, the title must convince a shooter and stealth titles and answer some open questions conclusively how well it works, Myra and Aaron left to himself while playing the other character? If the AI ​​thinks not, threaten frustrating moments. So far, there also is not the speech - an important element for an exciting spy story. Mastering these challenges, developers, Myra's and Aron's a good chance of mission success.

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