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Space Marine: Hard action in the Warhammer universe!

For the first time brings a Relic "Warhammer" spin-off on PS3 and Xbox 360 The action game celebrating the rugged charm of the series.
If the Space Marines tackle anything, really. Each of the blue armored fighting machines effortlessly mows down dozens of Orcs. This is in the PC strategy games of the series Law, and that does not change in the spin action. Well done! Because with the brutal fighting style of the super soldiers of fresh air into the genre.

Half a pound orc please
A key element of the title game, the actions of your Marines melee. More specifically, the chainsaw action. At the push of a button pulls your warrior roaring blade, cutting through the green Orkfleisch as through butter. This is often much more effective than the use of his guns, so the action is also often used. What the PSP it holds, is another matter. In any case, the maneuver speed the process considerably and put a shot on top of that tactic into play. For, in combination with certain Shooting beating results in small combos. The plasma gun, for example, throws enemies back and makes them unable to fight for a brief moment. The right time to leave the circle saw. During the hectic battles you have the clout of your character always open to several options.
A Marine takes cover not
With the exception of close combat element is the "Space Marine" as a type-safe third-person shooter: You shoot yourself through Orkhorden, arise now and then a massive elite opponent, draw sometimes alone, sometimes the team of Marines through the levels hoses. Waive a cover system developers from Relic. This element would make the melee and the resulting high speed naught, as the producer of the game while Raphael van Lierop Gamescom presentation explains. And besides, is not a Space Marine in coverage, so Lierop on. Where he is right ...

Weapons that grow
A Space Marine is in a hail of bullets are flying the Orkfetzen. Instead, it uses the weapons known "Warhammer" universe. Besides the already mentioned plasma gun, of course, the standard automatic rifle is used. Correctly causes a lot of noise and damage the Heavy Bolter, an elite weapon that is only available in certain situations. Bottom line, the developers promise 15 blunderbuss. Most of them improve with their constant use. For example, the plasma gun has at level 2 on a chargeable income. A little bit of role play can not help but apparently Relic.
 First Impressions: Warhammer 40k - Space Marine

The fan base of "Warhammer" is huge and it has been spoiled in recent years with top strategy games - but only on the PC. The action brings the universe version now on the consoles. And after the first presentation could be a really successful trip Action: The graph shows the typical "Warhammer" atmosphere transports well. The gameplay offers crisp action and with the skillful integration of the close combat, especially an interesting element. A co-op and multiplayer mode Relic also promises. This however, there was no information.

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