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Hawx 2: Wings break or pilot?

Ubisoft reloads the fight above the clouds. The editors and crashing into the cockpit at Mach 2 in the battle against rebels and separatists.
The turbine-starting roars. Slowly, the machine rolls toward the runway and moves into position. From the air traffic control is the okay, here we go. The accelerator pedal pressed to the limit, the speed indicator is rising slowly, then faster and faster, until the fighter jet reached takeoff speed of almost 300 kilometers per hour and swinging in the air. So begins the pre-release version of "Tom Clancy's Hawx 2" and makes it clear from the start: Compared to the previous change some things. Began in Part 1 or all of the missions in mid-air, start some jobs in the followers of airports and aircraft carriers.

The Falcon has landed
In addition to the landings and takeoffs are part of the repertoire of "Hawx 2". After a dangerous mission and a return to the bright green of the night vision device to control submerged aircraft carrier, is really something special. If you order during an airfield available, complete with a successful landing maneuver your arms and let your fighter jet repair supplies to be furnished fresh then again to plunge into the fray. A nice idea - brings variety to the missions - like the equally new air refueling. The landings, however, been much too easy. Even without the well-known from the first part of air traffic control system is about the night landing on the aircraft carrier is a breeze. Activate the auxiliary mode, you not only show colored doors in the air, the perfect angle of approach, the system regulates the speed without your intervention. In aerial combat, please contact the flight control system, however, no longer available: In "HAWX 2" you dodge missiles without this auxiliary mode and intercept enemy.
This lack makes "Hawx 2" is not really harder than part 1 For experienced pilots, the four missions of the pre-release, even in the highest of three levels of difficulty hard challenges. With a little practice, you get soaked when disabled aircraft from enemy missiles using not only relatively easy to prevent in advance the target detection by enemy automatic. Since your opponents are anything but high-flyer, you drop your heat-seeking missiles like droves of prey - the game will not occasionally unfair means would fall: Some opponents have an infinite number of decoys that make shooting through your rockets nearly impossible. The developers get through the boarding guns into play, but destroy the feeling of a dynamically developing air combat. To help keep your pilots not only in the clouds, faced "Hawx 2" on a regular basis with counterparties that are moving at low altitude and apparently fixed on predetermined paths. Resistance you can expect from these little planes - their biggest enemy in these battles is the environment.
In this ground-fighting shows are another problem that has struggled the first part. The more you fly, the slower the jet-powered flight feels your vehicle. If you slip between the soaring towers and booms on oil drilling platforms, it is not in front of you as if you drove a fighter jet with nearly 600 kilometers per hour. Flying low is also clear that the environments consist only of pixels and flat textures. Given the size of individual areas through which they rush during your missions, but that's not really a criticism of the game. The view from above makes it all quickly forgotten. Above the clouds not only your freedom is limitless, but also your vision. Even more convincing than the previous "Hawx 2" with almost photo-realistic scenery and beautiful surroundings.

Dogfight in top form
Again one of the party is the free flight mode. The camera moves away from the battle, and you get full control of your aircraft. If you pull sharply with the jet upward, pass turning over the side into a nose dive and the hostile missile rushes past within inches of you, while the warning signs of the impending stall proclaiming loudly, running "Hawx 2" on top form. Thus, the air battles are really fun and see thanks to the outstanding scenery and the many graphic details - like the contrails Fired missiles - also damn good.
First Impression: Tom Clancy's Hawx 2

Compared to its predecessor's "HAWX 2" no flash revolution. But many small steps can lead to success. The developers take the criticisms of part 1 to heart and develop the game more consistently. You get more orders not described on a sterile screen, but in the form of a small cutscene. The missions are varied, are the flight paths between each mission, goals, and with much shorter takeoffs, landings and air refueling is a lot more variety. But is not every step in the right direction: The attempt to get close to the ground battles with more variety in the air battles, shows the limits of the enemy intelligence. This should rectify Ubisoft urgently so well trained fighter pilots see "Hawx 2" is a challenge. Graphically, "Hawx 2" beyond any doubt - from a great height. The low-flying clouds the picture somewhat. But anyway, thanks to constant action is hardly time to admire the scenery. Fans of its predecessor look forward to many improvements, new entrants in a game with fast action, rocket-filled air and rapid maneuvers.

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