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Resistance: Burning Skies from Vita

The chimeras are in their standard pattern, ie, trying to end the human race. And the same will have to stop it again in this version created especially for the new Sony laptop, Burning Skies, a game that we have been able to test recently.
After the great taste that left us the shocking Resistance 3, the series created by Insomniac Games will debut late next month in PS Vita at the hands of a few developers outside the U.S. company, Nihilistic Software. And even though the latter are not conspicuous for giving life to big productions (most recently the mediocre PlayStation Move Heroes), so we have seen in a very advanced beta will get even with this promising Resistance: Burning Skies .
This subjective shooter will bring us into the role of a firefighter named Tom Riley will work in the city of New York. During one of his routine rescue, Tom will be involved in their worst nightmare: an attack by the invading Chimera. And as a result of this attack, you will see some of his companions will be killed and wounded ... and your family will be in serious trouble.

From there you will be playing the role of firefighter leaving to become a sort of improvised soldier, having to go beating several objectives that will be taking on the fly depending on what you are going on. Chronologically, the story will focus during the early stages of the 50's, so it will take place just before he lived in Resistance 2.

But despite its status as a firefighter, the protagonist quickly learn to use advanced weapons technology (both new and well-known by other followers of this series) beyond his ax, a weapon that is lethal in melee fighting . And more will be worth it fast and well (thanks to an introductory level to serve as a tutorial), since that will depend on their future ... and many others.
As usual in this series, from the earliest moments of the game we will be subjected to extreme conditions and almost constant surprises, which will give the shooter a very notable intensity and dynamism. And the result of this dynamic as wild and unpredictable Resistance: Burning Skies will be a different subjective shoot'em up the usual run, since our main goal will be to survive either way, combining the traditional action genre with little winks own the survival horror.

A good example is the indicator of energy, as we have experienced in other installments of the series, it will detach from the regenerative health. And for this reason much care will be necessary to the integrity of our featured during shootings and should collect the relevant kits will be distributed by the scenarios.

The cover system is one of our main allies in battle. This just simply approach any wall, box, or anything else that we serve as a shield to automatically pass Tom defensive position. And once there, you can use the left and right directions of the digital cross undetected and move, and located at a position close to the edges, can attack from a safe situation. This system has seemed fairly intuitive and, at least during the early stages, it worked perfectly.
And thanks to this system the intensity coverages specific to each battle, the truth is that we have enjoyed during dozens of battles that we could deliver in the early stages of the game. And part of this credit goes to the control that have been integrated, which functions similar to that in Resistance 3 but with an occasional special.

Broadly speaking, the control is based on the use of L and R triggers higher to aim and shoot respectively, which will join the Square to reload, X to jump, Circle and Triangle to duck to switch weapons quickly (or deploy the weapon wheel to hold it down). And of course the analog sticks allow us to move freely. This provision has seemed quite comfortable, getting very close to the sensations afforded by the current shooters in the home game system.

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