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Sprill & Ritchie: Travel through time!

Just escaped from his previous adventure, Sprill is again shipped by his friend Ritchie in new adventures that revolve around a machine to travel back in time ...

"Sprill & Ritchie: Travel through time!" has developed a Point'n click Alawar Entertainment and now available on Freebox Revolution, for our pleasure. With the cunning of the fox, we slipped into the skin of Sprill to offer you our impressions on this game.
The universe of Sprill Ritchie and consists of tables varied, beautiful and original. The sets consist of a myriad of different objects, all well detailed, so the player does not get lost in this mess.

The few animations of the game is still very fluid and show only the kinematic friendly enough at first, then show too repetitive. In each table, the player can walk their cursor and rotate the camera with ease. Objects, very well hidden, are revealed sizes and very different forms. No need to click everywhere, because it will not get you anywhere.
Without being remarkable, the sound goes well with the game Sprill and Ritchie, a very talkative nature, will entertain with their freenautes voice reminiscent of gum chewers.

Captured by aliens in the previous episode, Sprill and Ritchie were in extremis out of the Bermuda Triangle. Back home, Ritchie forge the draft back in time. After building his machine, he decided to test it on Sprill. But experience, miscalculated, changes the times and Sprill is required to correct the errors of his friend: he must retrieve all anachronistic objects scattered in error through the ages.

It is true that the scenario is not very widened, however, it effectively introduces the various tables and games of adventure. Sprill should not simply search for hidden objects in a predefined list, but follow a more general instruction that requires a minimum of reflection. For example, you will not find a shoe, but all objects of the twentieth century present in the image, or all the antiques of the period where you are ... Some scenes also ask you to use special items stored in your inventory. Placed in the highlighted areas, or they will trigger a mechanism to repair and unlock certain situations.

Sometimes there are several elements that you must discover within the same screen to progress. Some of these items will trigger mini-games. Very numerous and quite varied, they may ask you to find the differences between two identical skits, fill the holes in the timeline, reassembling machines scattered, solve puzzles or defeat certain enemies like the Kraken.

If the mini-game seems too difficult, you can override without getting stuck in the main storyline at any time or clues to help you. If the gameplay does not offer table timed, it is not easy either. Some research objects or certain mechanisms will ask sometimes intense deliberation and are more puzzles than simple puzzles.
 Each level completed will provide a number of points available in a panel of trophies in the main menu.

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