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Multiplayer impressions: God of War: Ascension

Sony Santa Monica Studio gives the surprise and shows from Los Angeles (USA) the big news of God of War: Ascension: its multiplayer aspect. Arm yourself and experience the way of Kratos in this particular ascent to become god. A struggle for up to eight simultaneous users with four game modes and fighting all the magic of the single player campaign. Glory awaits you.
For several days, and all followers of Kratos took for granted that his new video game, God of War: Ascension, would not have multiplayer. What was our surprise last week in Los Angeles (California) when the guys showed us Studio Santa Monica, barely saying a word, the slope "Multiplayer" video game, probably as a sign that the press can also be wrong.

Here is the greatest innovation of the new PlayStation 3 exclusive, a title that arises as a prequel and that, in the words of Todd Papy (Producer), "intended to be, like everyone else, better than the last, this time offering a depth look at the stormy past of our beloved demigod. "

Scheduled for release sometime in 2013, the truth is that we have much to say about what the campaign will be "single player" unless it is a story full of excitement and, above all, of redemption. The single player experience kept all that has done great in the series God of War, from the visceral battles to puzleros challenges, with a combat system reconsidered and, above all, an outstanding cinematic narrative.
The source of the rage of Kratos

According to Jason McDonald (Battle and Weapons Designer), "had much to tell about the personal story of Kratos, so we focus on it. With each delivery became more and more angry, and powerful, so we wanted to explain what was the origin of everything. " And this is how we will receive a new story, again inspired by Greek mythology and offered us put ourselves in the skin that was once a human, a Spartan warrior of flesh and blood, after being tricked into killing his wife and son, looking for ways to break the blood pact that binds him to the god Ares.

Sentenced to life in madness and fighting his insanity to the limit, this issue will tell us how Kratos managed to break his chains to take his bloody revenge on a road full of creatures more horrific than he.

But this event gave us no details on the single player experience (in principle no co-op), except that "is all we can expect from a title in the franchise." Instead, they talked, and much, the multiplayer (which does not appear Kratos), proposed to us as the greatest innovation of the game. As we noted from Santa Monica Studio: "We have spent many years cultivating the formula 'single player' and already had very elaborate. Now our challenge was to move all attributes to a multiplayer environment, with a very similar spirit."
In other words, a challenge that offers us an experience independent of the single player campaign with their own missions and playable proposals. The authors proclaim it as a "redefinition of the competitive multiplayer experience" and will have both offline and online, retaining all the attributes of the series but taking them to an even more epic scale. Jason McDonald told us more about his intentions: "We want to be innovative, picking up quick movements, the excellent response and great accessibility of God of War, so that users have to real users as enemies, and not the CPU."

God of War: Ascension presents methods for up to 2-8 players, without the presence of "bots" to make the experience as real as possible, with characters that feel authentic, managed by someone. Some players who, as a starting point, must choose which represent God (four available: Zeus, Ares, Poseidon and Hades) setting out for battle as the "Champions of the Gods" gladiators simple steps will turn Kratos to gods, winning battles and gaining experience to progress.

No more details were leaked about the multiplayer aspect of the narrative, although it promises to be unveiled details in the future. In any case, we found it interesting what we said Jason McDonald in a later interview: "Yes, there will be aspects that are interconnected to individual experience and the multiplayer, though it will say something soon."

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