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Skullgirls Xbox 360 girls in Action

We were promised twelve fighters and a game accessible to all players during the preview. It is clear that the developers have not fulfilled our hopes on the line. Shame because apart from a few tiny flaws, a very bad translation, too little choice in the game modes and characters, Skullgirls has it all.

Nervous, very beautiful, and well studied in its gameplay, it reinvents itself pleasantly distracted and compared to the masters of the fight. A title that comes close to perfection, designed by gamers for experienced players, who will certainly appreciate its true value!
Far from practicing traditional martial techniques, the combatants of Skullgirls well have upset the rules of combat. Proposed on Xbox Live, this title developed by 2D Reverge Labs, was designed by top players for fans of the genre. By rethinking the traditional mechanisms, Skullgirls Will it live up to the other "old fossil"?
The design of Skullgirls, signed Alex Ahad, known for his work on Scott Pilgrim, is mostly done by hand.

Drawing from different worlds of movies, video games or comics, this title immerses the player in dark environments, mixing post-war, fantasy and dark deco 2D. The arenas are between nine sets recalling the Batmans, or humorous scenes that are fully offset from the heavy fighting. One example is this background consists mainly of houses, streets traveled by cute little pets ...

Nonetheless have some defects, sometimes shows Skullgirls hitbox bugs in combat lively. The recruits, in turn, combine the perfect blend of Asian and American culture. There are stereotypes already well known for fighting light clothing and never really adapted to the clashes that lie ahead ... Requires male audience!
Skullgirls music is just as neat. The frantic action is supported by a soundtrack catchy but unobtrusive. Each arena has its own soundscape performed by Michiru Yamane, composer who has worked on music games Suikoden and Castlevania. The end of music is particularly successful. For you to try to reach the end of the app for yourself!

Numerous funs and funny sound effects accompany these rhythms at once dark and jazzy. The humor of the game is also found in the dialogues are also making references to other cultural works. But the French translation is unfortunately not up to par.
The English version was going though a good foundation, but the French texts are simply duds. We could spend on those scenarios, but they become undrinkable in other ways, downright embarrassing immersion.

Skullgirls is therefore for all his achievement in a world developed around contemporary references that fans will have fun recognizing each stage of the game
Canopy of the kingdom, legend tells of a mysterious artifact, the "Skull Heart", has the power to fulfill the wish of a young woman. Of course, there are conditions. If it does not have a pure heart, his wish will be diverted from its initial intent. Peace will be made by the brutality, eternal life by a perpetual childhood, or the return of a lost love will be in the form of a fellow undead. The kingdom is justly subject to chaos because of her current guardian, the former queen of Canopy. However, the artifact continues to stoke the lusts.
Of the 12 fighters announced before its release, Skullgirls has only eight currently. Other to be the subject of future DLC. Sexy but sometimes monstrous, they combine humor and references to designers of American culture. Painwheel evokes the monsters of Silent Hill and Peacock cartoons before the war.
Each benefits in addition to its original physical, combos equally surprising. These attacks, the number one hundred change the usual vision of battle arcade. Each character has numerous as Peacock who can both call planes, dropping things randomly (from the fridge to the elephant), use a bomb in the style of that of Mario, a chainsaw, a gun ...

Each combatant is operated in a different way. If you decide to change your daughter during your travels, or a friend who does not know anything decides to participate, extensive tutorials allow you to speed. But the best attacks will always remain the realm of discovery. This desire of developers can be seen as a negative point, the player must find the Internet the key combination to make the best of them.
Special attention was paid to the downturn and the parade. In many fighting games, the developers noted that the least experienced players could find themselves cornered in a corner of the stage, undergoing continuous and so frustrating their opponent's attacks. To counteract this effect, the player is always here and ready to act to return his blows to the other contestant. The game indeed offering more than 150 combos in the air or on land.
For example, Miss Fortune, cut into pieces in his youth, has survived. She can use her head separately from his body. It can be started as a golf ball, serve as teleportation, biting an opponent and remain even if the player changes its character. Add to these skills that can trap enemies in a ball of wool and used its claws into a combo reminiscent of Wolverine ... A freedom that is reminiscent of the Guilty Gear series!

Mike Z, player well known Marvel vs Capcom 2 and Blazblue, was inspired by his favorite stocks for the gameplay. The game allows you to get on stage with one, two, or three warring. The fighting reserve regenerate automatically. To balance the teams, if you choose a character, it will be more powerful and durable, but you will lose the effectiveness of various attacks and grouped.

The grip, nervous, allows quickly chaining combos and moves as diverse as Street Fighter. A must for the tutorial will be felt for at least familiar kind. Do not expect you not to confront an AI easy! This will give you a hard time especially at the tough end boss though. Despair not provided, the combos come quickly in memory and bind you rejoice all the more.
The story mode allows to follow the adventures more or less related to each of the girls. But the scenarios have not really nothing extraordinary. Moreover they prove too short, is summarized by three fights a duel and clash with the final boss.

If the game is original on its bottom, its shape does not deviate at all from that of the tenor of its kind. It offers an Arcade mode that fashion, a story mode and Training mode. It's a bit short, too bad. And there will be more motivated to engage only in Versus mode online or locally.
Already some easy solo if you do not have good control of your combos, you risk finding yourself quickly desperate face to online players. As for the Versus locally, developers have thought of adding a system to deal with backlash combos too repetitive. The game itself detects the gamer too used to attack the same opponent and gives them a fury who will return to the other end of the arena. What calm the nervous smoky shots!

What a shame that developers do not even think to add more modes than Versus for something different. Note nevertheless the presence of online ranking, but nothing fancy here either.

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