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Wheels of Destruction : World Tour

Wheels of Destruction did not particularly shine, but turns out to be a game without pretension, for lovers of deathmatchs in a futuristic world.

For those who need a wakeup call to remember the intense parts of Unreal Tournament, investment remains affordable. For only 9.99 euros on PSN, Wheels of Destruction delivers a good shot of adrenaline.
This is a slight delay as Gelid Game released his title mixing cars and carnage, Wheel of Destruction: World Tour. Third Person Shooter that will not disappoint the regulars shooters like Unreal Tournament or Team Fortress. Available on PSN, it transports us into a futuristic world, where heavily armed vehicles compete in cities transformed into an arena. Let's do a quick overview.
The textures and scenery strangely reminiscent of those of a cult FPS: Unreal Tournament. And for good reason, because the game uses the graphics engine namesake. Efficient and bug-free, Unreal Engine is a safe bet, although it will not produce visual masterpieces with.

Moreover, Wheels of Destruction has not this claim: its graphics above refer to the famous saga. Vehicles are massive and curved lines like those of hummers. After all, it's not a racing game but a shooter game where the shielding is more important than aesthetics.

Wheels of Destruction seems a bit outdated images. But this is what gives it its charm and recall happy memories for nostalgic.
The atmosphere is also inspired by the famous series of FPS of 2000 ... Our ears are then entitled to vintage techno. The directory does not even offer us something to accompany the roar of engines and scrap the gatling.

If in all the sounds and sound effects remain smooth and classic, it lacks the famous husky voice to comment on each murder. Damage.
In a futuristic world, cities have been transformed into a battlefield on Which of the heavily armed vehicles compete to total destruction. Paris, Tokyo, London or Seattle are all arenas where you can kill as in Deathmatch or Capture the Flag. You will be able to choose from five different vehicles have unique characteristics. One specializes in exploration (the scout), the other in the destruction (the murderer), a third (the "Heavy") in the collection of damage, etc..
Once in control of your lethal weapon, it will take some perseverance to master. The gameplay is not intuitive for the beginner. It will explore them a bit on all the buttons to see how it works.
As for the regulars in racing games or FPS, they will be somewhat disoriented from having to hold the R2 button to move forward or backward for L2 ... Especially since you can not customize these controls and the camera sometimes makes a few quirks.

After this first phase of assimilation tedious, the game becomes more fluid. It does not take aim at the head while you drive at any speed, the closest target is automatically locked. Equipped with springs, the cars can jump, to turn around after a barrel or out of a tricky situation. The vehicles will leave for about-face and presto, avoiding passing a reverse risky. The player will have as few barriers to its concentration on the hunt for his opponents.
To select which weapon to toy with his car? Well, the choice is quickly made. There are indeed four different weapons: machine gun, the missile launchers, the laser gun and flamethrower. Each has two firing modes, which can slightly vary the pleasures. The machine gun turns eg shotgun and missile mortar.
Arsonists, snipers and other nervous trigger quickly replace the basic weapon (the gatling), too low, the other three available that can, at once well placed, destroying light vehicles. This is where the rub: there is a severe lack of balance between the different cars. You have more chance to make a maximum of dead and surviving on an armored vehicle even if they are slower. What good is going fast, if only one guided missile has a 90% chance of light transform your car into heat and light ... Their usefulness is however optimized for maps of catches flag, where he'll have to rush in and steal the opponent's goal by taking advantage of their speed to escape.

In sum, Wheels of destruction does not offer a revolutionary concept, only one shooter in the third person in "Unreal Tournament". What fun all at the time of the aforementioned saga.
There is no campaign mode, or challenge mode. The player will have to settle for multiplayer online or against bots, which reduces the life span as a trickle. The interest of the game will persist after your interest deathmatchs violent and nervous.
The online mode allows to assess their competitive level compared to other racers. The game interface is used to select the different modes: random vehicles, gatling only, deathmatch or capture the flag etc..

You just hope that the meeting as successful enough to avoid the player finds himself alone in the arena. Especially since it is impossible to play multiplayer on the same console.

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