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Ridge Racer Unbounded 2012

Operation successful seduction for Ridge Racer 2.0. The title stands out by offering a real challenge to conduct backed by a lifetime given the unlimited possibilities offered by the track editor.

The piece is made to the immediate pleasure, facilitated by a quick start. The revival is there. The Ridge Racer series has new future ahead of her.
Ridge Racer body has changed and expects to know that he has under the hood! After several disappointing episodes, the famous franchise is back for a demonstration punch. The challenge was daunting: to renew a series that began seriously to falter. Sit back, your console will roar with pleasure.
From the outset, the attention to environments is obvious. Circuit design will place the driver on the road a lot of destructible elements like walls or poles. Friability of the setting which guarantees races rarely interrupted. Be careful though not to tempt fate or the car will pay the price.
The game does not have a management climate parameters but the day / night cycle is present. The night races you can admire the beautiful effects of light on the bodywork of cars. Particular care was given to vehicles. It is a pleasure to drive these cars gleaming, trying to smash his opponents. Unable yet to customize, the color being the only data modified.
Dubstep fans, you will be served! Ridge Racer offers a playlist with many songs successful rhythmic and electronic. At any time during a race, players can change music via the directional pad, a little more convenient and enjoyable.

Side noises, the level is also very good. Boost, skids and collisions bumper punctuate the parties and contribute to a quick dip.
The revival of the series going inevitably a reconsideration of its gameplay. This is done with a detour taken to a certain brutality. To finish in a good position, destroy opponents and the scenery becomes essential. Clearly, aggressive bonus and seek the right path is not a priority.

Ridge Racer enjoys a grip fairly intuitive. The hardest thing to understand is the slippage that full dose for failing to finish the decor. Some races will be enough yet to control your car and reach the top rankings. The difficulty still remains high, other competitors giving you a hard time regularly.

The main attraction of the races taking shape in the effects of boost. More the player behaves well (mainly multiplied slips, sending the opponent into the background and does not slow down), the more it fills a gauge allowing it to achieve lightning acceleration that give it a few seconds of invincibility. In each of them makes it perfectly the sensation of speed and the feeling of being screened at the bottom of his seat.
On each circuit are scattered a number of destructible elements, visible through a red target. Then proves the boost needed to overcome them and allows the player to find shortcuts.

Several types of races are available. The inevitable classic race where you have to finish first, the intense against the clock that offer gamers a crazy challenge therefore records or racing domination where you have to destroy its competitors.

Ridge Racer offers players two editors. A first, easy to use, offers the possibility to create circuits with environments contained in the database. On a blank card, the circuits are created neighborhood by neighborhood. The other, more comprehensive but harder to use, is more aimed at experienced players.

With this editor, lovers will find something to challenge heart's content by creating their own circuits from A to Z. The lifetime is significantly raised with a nearly unlimited range of different races, left to the sole player's imagination. It was he who customizes its layout room by room, decides the inclination of the slopes, the location of each lamp posts, walls, etc. ... The player rule to his liking all the details and creates an original circuit at 100% . A treat.
The story mode immerses players in the conquest of the streets of Bay Shatter. Compliance will be won on the asphalt by different types of standard test or multiple race against time.

Novelty of the album, Domination mode offers a range of challenges for destruction. The main objective is not to cross the line first but get rid of every means of his opponents.
And when the player has completed the single player, multi and the track editor (see previously) assures still beautiful hours of play
This is the big highlight of the game via the online mode, a dozen players can compete and clash their body.

Better, the creations of each participant can be shared and the belligerents to compete. With the key guarantee for the players never compete on the same circuits. The days when a circuit learn by heart was the recipe for success in multi. Now, only the control account.

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