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Monster Stack 2 for happiness and joy

Highly acclaimed in their first adventures, creatures of Monster Stack 2 back! The little critters enjoy a graphical facelift and a revamped physics engine from the first episode. In this new episode ... they are hungry and chops flying can not escape them for long!
Difficult to describe the heroes of the game of "monsters" ... It would be more adorable stuffed animals provided with a few teeth that have been hard pressed to be convinced of the danger.

The simple graphics and childish Monster Stack does not prevent small creatures each have a varied appearance. Besides their own geometric shapes, they each have a face caricature wish. The rest of the universe, however, remains very poor and one soon tires of an empty background too.
Finally, we would like to scream! Finally a game of puzzle which prevents us from just breaking neurons and tympants! The tune of Monster Stack, repetitively possible remains pleasant. Far from the maddening sounds of some games, the soundtrack is, if not varied, acceptable.
Monster Stack does not bother with subtlety. The goal is simple, it is to stack the little creatures to achieve catch the flying food located above. You will also need to balance where all the bricks will be laid to reach the end of the course!

Like many adventure games, Monster Stack has a physics engine managing the balance of each object, and it will combine the squares to accurately maintain the round up ... The terrain gets involved, it is often to place its first blocks correctly to be able to ask the following on a solid foundation! The player to successfully block them, wedge them and fit them to be able to avoid the fatal slip.
The gameplay is excellent touch screen. The monsters fully meet demands of the finger and place themselves with the desired accuracy without false notes. A feast of simplicity and efficiency.
Small free application, Monster Stack 2 proves the example of the concept effectively. Well done, pleasant to the eyes as much as the fingers, the title offers some nice parts.

However it is more a hobby than a real full game.
The difficulty, however, is hardly to go and very few chops will be problematic. The few levels offering a more difficult challenge, however, may be completed without catching the precious meat, since it is only necessary to achieve maximum points. To move to higher level, just ask all the blocks on the ground. Thing sometimes easier said than done.
With 25 levels including a tutorial, Monster Stack does not offer a lifetime astronomical. The most experienced players will finish in a few tens of minutes and it will take much more than an hour to more awkward for the match.

We note however the presence of a level editor simplistic, but effective, which prolongs the life of the title by offering to share created levels online.

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