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Awesomenauts Game 2012

Although lacking the depth and solidity of the great shooters of the time, is a title Awesomenauts quite original offering high doses of fun for those looking for a title quite "light" that combines action with strategy. If you are not of those playing gozáis company Awesomenauts has nothing particularly brilliant or outstanding to offer. But otherwise the multiplayer spades convince you, then this Ronimo Games bid up many integers.
Although there have been about to stay in limbo due to financial problems of its editor, has ended up reaching Awesomenauts download services for PS3 and Xbox 360. And this is great news seeing the remarkable quality of the title.
Ronimo Games, the developers of this Awesomenauts have managed to merge into a single title the essence multiplayer with the most basic strategy. And behind that is so funny and friendly face offering their players, after all we have a predominantly multiplayer action title with touches of strategy and 2D platform.
The argument based on which stands this curious proposal is picked up with tweezers, as they say. And in a truly unique and hilarious universe is a battle between the armies of the ones and zeros to seize a valuable resource: the sun. And for that each of the factions the mercenaries hired better trained and able to make a success of such works, known as Awesomenauts. And that's where we come in, having to fight a fierce battle multiplayer.

And is that the heart of this title is playable precisely the cooperative and competitive side, and can play well in the company of friends or alone, be provided by the CPU to control the bots. Basically this is a game that encourages us to team up with two colleagues to face the same number of rivals belonging to the rival camp. 3 on 3 battles these are pretty entertaining, and that come into play a number of factors not too high but end up being more than enough to keep interest high.

Our main goal is to defend our base camp the onslaught of rival and vice versa, armies differ in hue, red or blue. To wax enemies each side has its own weapons, and other factors such as turrets or small robots. Because this approach takes the very important strategic factor, being highly recommended act consistently with the other members of our platoon to proceed as efficiently as possible. And this is added a little touch 2D platformer that feels good development, being necessary to run more than one hop to reach different areas and sections of the funds.

The latter is precisely where we find one of the main drawbacks of the game. And not because they are ill or have been designed with little tact (which is not the case) but by its scarcity. And is that three-Planet Sorona, AI 404 and Ribbit Station IV - seem too fair, and if its size is not to be especially large.
The customization options offered by the game are considerable, though without limits brutal as in other titles. This way you can choose your character from six different candidates (three of them home, it is necessary to unlock the rest as you pass levels), guys who have unique qualities divided into brute force, speed, endurance and other aspects. As we play and can be acquired garnishing money and improving the qualities of our protagonist gradually able bringing new weapons and increasingly powerful. And where you can buy such items? As for the store and can move to it at almost any time.

Precisely this has a double impact on the development of the title. On one side is always nice and comforting to be improving the performance of other characters as well as enabling increasingly powerful, there's no doubt. But it is also true that as also happens in other securities, if we give a rival group a certain level, the advantage in favor of that side may end up being too frustrating.
The staging is determined quite Awesomenauts grace and wit. Rather than offer stunning 3D graphics flawless bill, title commitment to simplicity and sympathy for the characters, guys who exude personality all its pixels. The stage design is sound and although there are a marvel of originality, at least give us a colorful successful and many objects that endow them lot of life. Globally is a simple but visually gimmicky title.

Examining the plot and sound, Awesomenauts is loaded with various sound effects and well represented. Explosions, complaints, shouting, shooting and others are constant during each skirmish, to which is added a soundtrack appropriate and occasional dialogue in English with subtitles in our language.

Awesomenauts hook and has enough personality to be appealing to a wide range of users. His proposal simply and plainly to action, platforms and strategy rather light is able to engage in some give you the opportunity. It is also true that it has its shortcomings, some of which have some relevance, but still it is a very multiplayer title to consider.

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