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Project X Zone: Triple Threat 3d Game

 Has finally revealed one of the most anticipated titles for the Nintendo 3DS users: Project X Zone. And it looks like it may be one of the most important role play for this machine to all who will appear this season.After several speculations, rumors of all kinds and other stories, has finally revealed the identity of one of the most anticipated games for Nintendo 3DS promising within the scope of the role. His name is Project X Zone Triple Thread and behind him is Namco Bandai making pineapple with Capcom and SEGA. 

Almost nothing.Universes together Undoubtedly the most striking aspect of this cartridge will lie in its cast of characters, heroes and villains, which will consist of super types known. And is that franchises most revered of the three aforementioned companies jump into the fray giving much of his cast of players, guys who will watch and control throughout the adventure.And we're not talking about a couple of guys charismatic and little else. Instead, the approach of this title will combine the guest appearance of dozens of heroes belonging to sagas like Darkstalkers, Virtua Fighter, Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Shining Force, Space Channel 5, Tekken and much more.

This already led to names, we can enjoy the company of Chris Redfield, Dante Sparda, Akira, Ulala, Ryu, Ken, Pai, Megaman, Jin Kazama, Xiaoyu and many other "super stars" over the video game world . Not only that, since the known enemies of each series will also make an appearance, like the marionettes lethal Devil May Cry or many of the infected creatures appeared in Resident Evil.In developing the game itself, still unaware of many of the details but it will be a Tactical JRPG all the way, that is, a clear role play oriental flavor of tactical and strategic disposition. So hopefully unify their formula game dialogues and discussions with multiple characters with the exploration of sets drawn from some of the aforementioned series. And above all be located the fighting battles that possess a large role in the adventure and we have found very attractive.As we have seen each of these fights will be a true visual spectacle. They intervene not surprisingly many of the classic characters from Namco, Capcom and SEGA above (usually in pairs) and for the same, it is possible to observe many special attacks, including some shots combined. This Ryu will be able to attack using his Hadoken (normal and super), Chris may eliminate their rivals by corresponding launchers or Ken will be able to propinar its lethal Shoryuken.As we attack the rival will fill a power meter that appears at the bottom of the screen and, after reaching a certain amount of energy, it will be possible to trigger the aforementioned special attacks. These attacks are accompanied by a corresponding rigor animated scene, reaching heights of a truly amazing spectacular graphics.As for the argument itself is an aspect that has not been revealed by the developers. Given the nature of the title could speculate with the guest appearance of one or more well-known villains (Akuma, Albert Wesker ...) belonging to one of the sagas already set and that were embroiled in an evil plan, but so far nothing is known thereon. Let's wait a little.What it does is left to see is his plot technique, very interesting a priori. Project X Zone will enjoy a visual appearance similar to that enjoyed manganime series, with characters like, "Super Deformed" which will be graced with manicured crowd animations. And as for the sets, they seem to possess a good level of detail and a colorful striking. And as we have already discussed above lines, many of them (or all even) will be extracted as Sakura Wars series, Dead Rising and others.Not yet defined the exact date of launch of this highly anticipated in Japan or even less, in other territories. But what is certain is that this is one of the Most Wanted Games of the many bombings that have recently announced for the console. 3DS course is in a superb run of form.

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