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Latest Mortal Kombat in 2012

After the surprise players of the PS3 and Xbox 360 with a delivery that completely reset and reinvigorate the franchise, the death kombates Mortal Kombat coming to Vita. And they have not lost any of its spectacular along the way.
Just a year after his stunning coming-out on PS3 and Xbox 360 comes the conversion of the new Mortal Kombat for PS Vita. And predictably NetherRealm has done a great job making the title for this laptop, keeping intact all its key elements, including its compelling gameplay and gore load.
As many of you know this is a "reboot" of the saga in the making. And that means that the 3D gameplay incorporated into the final chapters of the series has been changed to a more classic 2D, following the lead of the first titles in the franchise. And even in such cases everything depends on the tastes of each, reiterate to applaud this decision, which held Capcom with Street Fighter IV with great results.

With this as basis, this is a conversion almost identical to the original title in all respects, and that has much merit considering that after all this is a version designed for a handheld.

Starting with its control system, Mortal Kombat PS Vita delights us with a really good management. All buttons on the console are used to perform either function (realize punches and kicks, switching from one character to another if we play Tag Team mode, block ...). And although it is not difficult to get it, simply a matter of training a little.

Also the range of actions that are able to carry out all the characters is bestial, including the many combos, special attacks, the now famous X-Ray and Enhanced Moves and, of course, the brutal Fatalities. Precisely how to equip the latter are one of the novelties of this edition, as it has been assigned to use the touchscreen for that purpose. It's not amazing or revolutionary innovation, but it is certain it works properly.

One of the most deserving of this conversion is the frenetic pace of the battles that take place, they have not lost any strength or freshness. Whether playing one on one duels or team, the game manages to maintain a dynamic upper case in every fight, being a true visual delight.
Extra Kontenido
Although this is a reliable and direct conversion counterpart PS3 and Xbox 360, developers also have bothered to implement several extras to this edition.

For us the highlight is the integration of all the DLC content for the original appeared. And for anyone who does not know, we're not talking about additional costumes for each fighter and little more. Input have been incorporated four new playable characters start to already nurtured "roster" Skarlet, Rain, Kenshi and the ineffable Freddy Krueger, guest star in this bloody event.

But there's more. Some of the characters have some new Fatality another, a fact that the hardcore fans of the series are sure to make a special pleasure, as well as classic suits.

Beyond this, the cartridge also surprised us with an additional game mode, the new Tower challenges, adding 150 additional challenges to the 300 already with that found in the original mode. These unprecedented challenges benefit from the unique qualities of the console, playing a lot with its motion sensor, rear panel and touch screen.

The remaining modes remains unchanged, making it possible to play trabajadísimo (and extensive, taking into account the characteristics of the genre) story mode, online play (function behaves pretty solid in general), discovering all the secrets hiding the Kripta (really many) ... No doubt this is a fighting game and really long lasting, which guarantees many hours of adult fun and gore.
Refined technique
Despite the technical differences between logical PS3/Xbox 360 and PS Vita NetherRealm developers have done a truly remarkable job with this conversion. And although there are noticeable differences between the original version and this notebook, this is one of the titles that best exploits the hardware and PS Vita of all who have been released to date.

The main technical differences between this version and its namesake lie in the modeling of the characters. And although in full fight is difficult to discern the differences between those referred to in the two editions, in close-ups and video streams generated by the game engine itself (quite abundant in Story mode) appreciate a palpable reduction in the level of detail and loads polygonal wrestlers. It's not a brutal change, but it is significant and noticeable. However, does this mean that the characters they look poor or irregular? Not at all. Each has a working design, textures and animations appropriate exceptional.

And as for the sets, keep surprising the amount of sand that have been able to "meter" in the "cartridge". The variety is enormous and the level of detail presented is commendable. Again some of these funds have been somewhat "tweaked" to suit the characteristics of the notebook, but still the vast majority have unquestionable quality.
The sound is also achieved an extraordinary level, grazing outstanding. The huge variety of sheet music is matched only by its undeniable bill, combining classical themes of the series with entirely new ones. As for the effects these are very credible and compelling (not at all forced), and are topped by very good dialogues that are left to listen to throughout the story mode.

For all this we have a superb conversion of a classic fighting game and one of the most outstanding and recommended that he left us this generation of consoles. You may enjoy the original that developments are not enough to repeat the experience, but the rest should prove the excellence offered by this colossal work NetherRealm.

Assessment of Mortal Kombat

The great struggle NetherRealm tournament has been transferred to PS Vita retaining virtually intact the qualities that made him great. And developers have bothered to include small changes that make it even more attractive. A solid title fight and well done for PS Vita.

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