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In Memoriam: The Last Ritual, enjoy the game

Everybody knows, the mark of a phoenix is ​​to rise from the ashes and come back to life when we thought well and truly dead. The Phoenix serial killer of In Memoriam, is no exception to this basic rule. Thus, it comes back to haunt the second part of this adventure game in first bipartite scenario. Indeed, in parallel with the investigation which is responsible for the player who wants to find the killer to prevent harm but also to shed light on the death of Jack Lorski, we follow the investigation of a young woman who trying to find her missing brother in the United States. Obviously, these two stories will end up joining though, when he led the presentation, creative director Eric Viennot game remained very discreet on this point.

In principle, the first In Memoriam tended to erase the boundary between fiction and reality by building bridges between the game and means that enable real progress there. Obviously, this sequel pushes the argument even further. There are also active links that allow immediate use of trace evidence in the course of the investigation by launching the Internet browser of the machine where it works to reach sites concealing other indices. But the line between game and real life become really thin in this sequel because it will also use the player's cell phone to send text messages. We will no longer be immune from plunged into the game after turning off his computer. Give his mobile number is optional but admit it will be very tempting ... Note that telephone relations will not go in the direction only game to players. Thus, as we have demonstrated, we can call a number in real life with his real phone and try to root out a few more clues to the real person that will be on the line. To be clear, it will not have a hotline offering solutions and charged you unlock in the game, but a speaker who will answer the questions you will ask from the conclusions you have brought the indices. You should also know that there will be some sort of bonus for insight. All players will not be equal before this party and those who manage to ask the right questions and formulate them in the right way will reap more information than others. There will, for example, a good listener if you are ever waits to go to learn. The most important is not necessarily what you say after taking over the handset ...

In Memoriam: The Last Ritual propose about an hour and a half video against forty minutes during the first survey. These films, too, participate actively in the plot and at two levels. What we see often includes a lot of clues, of course. But you will also see them as objects in their own right as the movie itself will be found a fragmented index that you can rebuild that using a tool provided by Jerry, a hacker who helps you in your investigations.

The game will also allow a combination of several investigators. On the site of an "Association Anti-Phoenix", you will be asked what are your favorite areas and the machine will handle finding other players whose skills complement your own. Especially, In Memoriam: The Last Ritual define your level in the survey and you will connect with those who are more or less the same point. Therefore no question for a newcomer to afford the services of a player who would have solved the mystery. Difficult to say more without giving away pieces of the plot, we will refrain from making as In Memoriam: The Last Ritual seems built and led. Its release is scheduled for 20 September 2006 on PC.
Small personal note: the author of these lines considers urgent need to unable to harm an individual who, like the Phoenix, the player called "Chick". There are limitations in the horror should not exceed

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