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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in the test - Rock-solid genre mix of tactical shooter and spectacularly staged action - on sale now

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier in the test for PC - The new tactical shooter from Ubisoft scores with a genre-mix, great gadgets and many tactics. The single-player campaign is designed also varied. Point's deduction for the linear plot and various technical flaws.
After some years the Ghost Recon series will continue at last. With Future Soldier you can expect a rock solid genre mix of tactical shooter action and spectacular staged in the style of Battlefield 3 or Call of Duty. The story of the game can be with the term "08/15" to describe comprehensively, to compensate for varied scenarios, several interesting gameplay elements, and a decent size. For those who want to know a bit more precisely, will accompany a U.S. special forces in the hunt for nasty bomber who reveal themselves in the game as a highly dangerous revolutionaries and planning a coup attempt in Russia.

Spooned up the soup is, it visited 12 locations around the world and brings all sorts of bad guys around the corner. The PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier comes with a pretty neat technology. The graphics are not spectacular, but in all the details of the console versions but dramatically outperforms. And the successful audio backdrop makes for a dense atmosphere. The German voice actors do a good job here, but never really shine. Nice that you can put them in the mouth, other languages. Update: After more hours of gameplay with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, we have the score corrected to 80%, this is also the score in the test print in the next edition of its PC games. The pro and con points were adjusted accordingly.

This has given us to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier fallen

Nice mix of genres
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier gives you a lot of tactical elements in hand, can also play in many missions as a classic shooter. It is up to you whether you want to sneak, or storming off on it and shoot. The former is much trickier, but also much more satisfying. Shooting The solution is less demanding, but it works well and is fun. In some missions, you'll need to sneak! Completely around it so it does not.

Good size, lots of variety
With twelve chapters, each about an hour of play the solo mode of the new Ghost Recon much more lush than is usual in the shooter genre. On top are the different levels are all very varied. In each mission you are offered a new setting - wet marsh area in Nigeria, frosty levels in the Arctic or a dark prison in Russia. And the gameplay is enjoyable varied: Your infiltrated bases, defend yourself against attacks, manned guns, set off bombs, rescue prisoners or directs air attacks to the finish.

Motivating bonus targets
For each mission there are special challenges that you can do in addition to the main targets. And turn even the simplest use a special mission. But may then use it as only a certain number of balls, have to undergo many more melee kills or Dared not at all in the course of your employment are discovered. Schleich professionals will find a great challenge. The effort is rewarded with new equipment and weapons upgrades.

Great gadgets and tactics
The future technologies such as radar grenade, invisibility suit, magnetic or radio control camera drone enrich the gameplay and make fun. On top of that reign over your special command some cool moves such as simultaneous shooting of up to four opponents. Your marked up to four enemies and then shoot at the same time on command. The bad guys fall down and nobody has noticed any of it. Super Cool! There is also an honorable mention for the AI ​​of allies. The act is usually quite clever and are useful in combat support dar.

Beautiful graphics
The look of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier are wonderfully spacious, detailed and great illuminated. On top of the engine conjures up some nice effects: the whirring of your Tarnanzugs, various special vision modes, great explosions and atmospheric weather effects. The animations are great class.

Ambivalent PC implementation
In the implementation of the game on the PC, Ubisoft has obviously been difficult, but does not fulfill all our wishes. The graphics are much better example than on the console, where the engine had felt overwhelmed. Owners of fleets systems are pleased with better effects and a higher Texturqulität - still finds itself once in a mud texture in the game. And on our very brisk game machines, the frame rate rarely reached the maximum limit of 60 frames per second.

The keyboard controller is indeed packed right, goes after a little practice, but well out of hand. Owner of several gaming mice with extra buttons are a clear advantage. The trouble is, however, that the keyboard layout from the running game can not be changed out and the menus that provide at best moderate ease. During an online match, you confirm that respawn such as a mouse click, the spawn point but must choose from the keyboard. There have been two patches after the release, there should be such teething problems really solved.
All in all, Ubisoft offers more than just a console port can be 1:1, but not entirely convincing.

Fully networked gameplay
The entire campaign of the game can be - with one mission - with up to four players to gamble in co-op. On top of that there is a special 4-player co-op mode where you'll have to fend on special maps up to 50 enemy waves - including funnier special features. And ye shall during the artillery duel with power-ups rewarded for your character and all ten waves is interspersed a stealth mission.

In addition to the two co-op game types there are also some good-versus-player modes for up to twelve. Thanks to cover system and high-tech gadgets to the multi-player battles play nice tactically clever and who together with his team plays is celebrating its first successes quickly. You're leveling in the game on three different classes of soldiers, on new equipment and customized your free on-line warriors. This is genre-standard, but is well integrated into the game and offers some amusing peculiarity - so you have to level up at times when you decide between two different skills for your fighters. With ten maps and four game modes - one of them without respawns - is the extent of the multiplayer mode full ok.

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