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AMD Catalyst 7.12 Beta Download: Sharper Diablo 3 graphics performance and higher Skyrim for Radeon users [Download of the Day]

Users of Radeon HD graphics cards here to download the AMD Catalyst 7.12 beta drivers. This brings among other bonuses for fans of Diablo 3 and The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. On the one hand is MSAA and SSAA antialiasing for Hack'n'Slash and other higher performance for the role play.
Diablo 3 - and / or Old Republic fans with Radeon HD Graphics (Desktop and Mobility) should use here to download the AMD Catalyst 7.12 beta drivers. Sure you scroll to the end of this message and click on the link below. Why? According to the changelog for the new test driver role players can look forward to a performance increase of around 25 percent for the current Elder Scrolls offshoot. In Shogun 2 are 20 percent there in 3D Mark 11 and nearly seven percent. More formally stated values ​​can be found for these lines on page 2 of the article.

Diablo 3 is ready for the new AMD Catalyst Control Center is an option for multi-sampling and super-sample anti-aliasing. These are modern techniques in order to realize smooth edges in computer games. Supports all conventional and Mobility Radeon HD graphics cards from the 5000 series. The download link follows at this point. On page 2, can you take a look at the complete changelog for AMD Catalyst 7.12 beta drivers throw.

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