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The ten biggest flops of E3 2012 - So you've tuned!

In the past week, you could in our survey on "the biggest flop of E3 2012" part and select the most boring, disappointing, or presented the worst title of the last game fair. In our gallery we present you now places ten to one.
This year's E3 in Los Angeles was like so many good and bad sides. Some products surprised if their successful presentation or unprecedented detail. Others were in advance may have been praised a little too high, and placed themselves out rather than disappointment. In our big E3 poll we asked you who Newcomers and trends have displeased you, especially this year.

There were some titles that were presented by the manufacturer to bad or just not looked promising? Or maybe it was the trend towards more action and explicit depictions of violence in games that you have spoiled the fun? You can not convince the newly released console games for old systems simply? In our gallery we show you the results of the poll in the top 10 biggest flops of the E3 2012th The seats are arranged in ascending order.

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