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Jack & Daxter HD Trilogy Download

Today we get comfortable to examine Jack & Daxter Trilogy HD, one of those compilations that like musical counterparts have more to offer than at first appears, bringing the whole series, except the PSP exclusive titles appeared in the recent years. It is noteworthy that only surprise to the layman in the series, and that has absolutely nothing new about the PS2 versions. But we are dealing with platform games, solid and very fun to dazzle especially the younger members of the house but also to the platformer genre lovers.
It is true that now the game looks better aesthetically and graphics are more solid, Ps2 remember that these games, especially the first were guilty of some inconsistency. The guys from Naughty Dog, now world famous for the series Uncharted have tweaked these imperfections bringing to market a very great trilogy of platforms. Have experience in the field since the time of the first PSX in which also launched the world famous Crash Bandicoot IP, so no one better than them to carry out this review to the world of HD. It is also compatible with 3D TVs.
Games are very white, full of humor and action but also full of metaphors about life in its approach to good and evil. With a very casual and a conception of technology very Steampunk find them hours of fun and healthy recreation. Three sets of 10 to the price of one, yet we must not forget that they are of the past generation, but also tell you that give many turns at any Legend of Zelda

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