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Who said you had to be afraid to launch new IPs at this point of generation of consoles? With the great Dishonored before us, we must at Arkane Studios one of the most exciting debuts of recent times. A wonderful action game, full of innovation and one of the most striking artistic directions lately. Are you ready to be the murderer that needs definitive Dunwall?
In recent times, and it lived up to generation in which we find ourselves, it is common for different studios and distributors ensure that it is risky and even unwise to launch a new franchise. The reasons have to do with an audience not prone to risk, among other arguments almost always related to the commercial. But I know what fate will befall new Arkane Studios in terms of sales, but in terms of its quality Dishonored is a safe bet.

It looked from a distance and that what the creators of Arx Fatalis was brewing could be a wonderful product, and even exceeds expectations Dishonored. Call it a "sleeper" of the year can be a bit risky considering that the admiration he had awakened during the development stage was huge, however since some can only be labeled prisms and a product that leaves virtually from scratch and get so beautiful results. If, Arx Fatalis and the PC version of Dark Messiah of Might & Magic did work study, quality recognizable, the computer generates far his most round and offers a very striking title not only from the artistic point of view and polishing, but also exciting and playable from the creditor amazing production values. Especially when you consider the limited resources they often have to deal with the new IPs.

Definitely an action game where you have bright accommodate many user profiles, but that seems designed for the enthusiast who recently left the industry slightly sideways and is also the most demanding with it: the hardcore user. Dishonored is, if desired, a title difficult and fraught with enormous depth, a proposal that clashes with the repeated patterns of simplification we live in recent times, and that puts all its complexity (no complication) to the service user.
Dishonored The premise is simply fascinating. Readers familiar with the Steampunk genre will feel like a fish in water with the title in hand, as the project developed by Arkane Studios has to be invariably framed in this style. Those who do not know what it is should be aware that it is set in universes Victorian England, where science fiction is mixed with the era of the Industrial Revolution through countless gadgets often impossible based on steam technology . It is exactly the case with this game, we plant a fascinating city called Dunwall, riddled with fanciful devices, and all powered by whale oil: the precious fuel of the time and the cornerstone of their industry.

In this particular universe we Corvo, the Lord Protector's own Dunwall, returning to this huge, dirty and greasy British city after serving the last of his missions for his government. This time the heads of the city had begged foreign aid to try to solve the extreme situation in which there are: fever overwhelmed by crushing his people mercilessly driven by countless herds of rats, and fearing that all generating a lock finish exterior. Unfortunately the hero returns with bad news to tell, and within minutes of making first-person witnesses a sophisticated conspiracy to a wealthy elite is made with power above the current ruler. From there the hero is wrongly accused as ringleader of this contempt, and is locked into the local prison to await execution.

What will happen from there we left completely to the discovery of the viewer, who is drawn fascination notice before your eyes a story perhaps not too complicated but with many twists and is following with great interest. By this way of escape and revenge we meet a bunch of characters who will offer their help in exchange for desenredemos the complicated plot that is woven over our heads, and that has left the city without its leader beheaded: the beloved Regent. At first our "new friends" we provide only a mask to go unnoticed in the crowd, but then as valuable allies reveal that in some cases, they even provide help from "another world": a vacuum fascinatingly portrayed.
The game structure his narrative around missions that we will propose this elite group to our aid, but also finds room for us to help if we want to find some civilians along the way. If we focus on the main missions and forget the rest talk about a title that can last us about 9-12 hours, a very respectable figure considering that if we stop to fulfill all orders side and explore all the hidden secrets Dunwall doubling this figure, always according to our abilities and the difficulty level chosen at the beginning of the game.

Along the way we ourselves who we create certain aspects of the story, not so much for our freedom of choice, which is somewhat limited in narrative terms, but because of certain decisions we make depend on some aspects. So, depending on our character we will draw not only the end of the story, but also the very aspect that presents the city. If you are a murderer methodical and accurate, that kills more than is strictly necessary, the end will certainly be positive and bright, and the plague that strikes the city will remain more or less controlled with a moderate amount of rats infected with a it (practically zombies) less numerous. If, on the other hand, are cruel and do not have much in mind and even deaths unnecessary sacrifice innocent civilians, the end will be gloomy and dark and to top it off the rats run at home in authentic herds, putting things really difficult with their aggressiveness. As we said the story has substance without being unnecessarily complex, and draw exclusively on our conversations with the characters. All major focus almost exclusively on the safe areas, but the maps are much bigger than that, and fiddling through the narrow streets of the neighborhoods we discover civilian citizens in distress or in need of them lend a hand. Almost always search orders lost a family member, or to take away off to some group of thugs that they claim any outstanding debts, but the truth is that they help equip fatten history and nuances.

Best of all, the concept of argument is, without any doubt, the background and oppressive atmosphere. It is easy to detect elements of Bioshock, Half-Life 2 or even the Fable saga in much of what surrounds us, but knows Dishonored find all mere inspirations to help you set up as a unique experience. Everything is designed to obsessives, with details just great as the whale from which oil is extracted in these gigantesos ships in perpetual motion, and other more subtle as a propaganda bordering on Nazism or design care to the ailing housing. These details, and many more that we slowly throughout the analysis, help them feel part of a world not only alive, but also exciting and always will arouse curiosity in the viewer.

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