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The video game movies have failed to be a success so far

Films based on video games do not get too popular among players. Except in special cases (Silent Hill, for many the best adaptation of the story), the movie theaters have seen aberrations like DOOM or works of Uwe Boll.

Hideo Kojima, who is working on the film with Avid Arad (The Incredible Hulk, among others), has come to the UK for BAFTA, which has reassured the players about the film based on the popular series of espionage and action Metal Gear Solid.

"No need to remember, as the public knows, that video game movies have failed to be a success so far. I think one of the reasons is because the game is an interactive medium," explained the Japanese designer.

Kojima further adds that one of the defects of the adaptations that Hollywood has been committed to creating movies "because games have become popular" and this is something "does not work" when it comes to bringing a story without further .

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