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FALLOUT New Vegas command console

Fallout New Vegas
During the game press the tilde (left of 1). This will open the command console. Enter the following code in it:

tgm: God mode.
kill: Delete the chosen character.
addspecialpoints (#): You get special points (where # is the number of points)
tmm 1: Desvelas map marks.
showPlasticSurgeonMenu: You can modify the settings of the face.
showBarberMenu: You can modify the options of hair.
sexchange: You can switch between male and female.
rewardKarma (#): You get karma points (where # is the number of points).
player.srm: Lets fix objects.
player.additem 001465A6 1: You get the Megapistola Debug.
player.setlevel #: You get level # (where # is a number).
player.modav carryweight #: Maximum load # (where # is a number).
Resurrect: Resurrect the chosen character.
unlock: Allows you to open any lock.
advlevel: you level.
killall: you eliminate all nearby characters.
RemoveAllItems: Steal all objects to the selected character.
player.setav% #: You set the skill with the value # (where% is the ability and # is a number between 1 and 100)

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