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343i Halo 4: "We are not prepared to see her face the Master Chief"

In Halo 4 will not see Master Chief's face. Frank O'Connor, head of the series 343 Industries, said to Eurogamer that the study is not yet ready to take a step as important as showing the face of the Xbox exclusive hero.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Frank O'Connor noted this reality: "We are not prepared to see the face of the Master Chief." The designer prefers that players get an idea based on the tracks that have occurred in the novels and games.

Maybe in the next installment in the famous Spartan not remove his helmet legendary, but not let players experience moments of breakers as far as regards plot twists. "In Halo 4 things are going to happen," says O'Connor.

The head of the series rather not go into detail about the reason for not releasing the odd spoiler, but promises surprises for fans of the franchise and the green hero armor. Halo 4 will be released on November 6.

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