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The Walking Dead Episode 4 no date for PSN europe

walking dead 4 download
The Walking Dead: Episode 4 finally comes out this week. Specifically, the fourth installment in the series being developed by Telltale in downloadable format your adventure game comes out tomorrow, day 9, the American PSN. One day later, on Wednesday, will play on Xbox Live and PC. The company has not yet confirmed the release date of the fourth episode in the European PSN, which extends the series of setbacks to the earlier chapters of Telltale's work (Chapter 3 came out later about other versions).

The game will be released in the U.S. at the same price that have come out the other episodes of the series: 4'99 dollars or 400 Microsoft Points. You can also access the 19'90 season pass for dollars that entitles planned five episodes of this comic book adaptation The Walking Dead video games.

In the fourth chapter of the series, Lee and Clementine come together with other survivors of the group to Savannah, where they hope to escape alive from the hell that has become nationwide. The developers said they had powerful plot surprises and new characters in this fourth chapter.

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